Morrissey interview: "I Prefer It When They Don't Understand" by Caroline North / Dallas Observer

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    Morrissey: "I Prefer It When They Don't Understand" - Dallas Observer

    A brief interview.
    The relevant part of the article:

    "In our email exchange with Morrissey he answers questions about everything from his public image to his favorite vegan recipe, and we see a more gracious side to the artist than has typically appeared in the media as of late.

    Who are you reading right now?
    I'm following the daily flood of reports on Predicament Trump and his administration. He's very exhausting, isn't he? Mad magazine finally comes to life.

    Is there something you wish people knew or understood about you?
    I prefer it when they don't understand.

    Which song are you most proud of? Are there any you dislike and would prefer to never play again?
    I'm proud of most of them. There's only three or four which I think are ridiculous — which isn't a bad percentage.

    One thing your lyrics quickly became known for was their melancholiness. Have you ever felt confined by that?
    I feel elevated by this because life is, in actual fact, absolutely melancholic, so therefore there's instantly a common truth in expressing melancholia, whereas not many people can relate to the assumption of compulsive happiness. We all die ... which, on the face of it, isn't terribly funny.

    If you were a teenager today, what kind of band do you think you'd be in? Or would you be in a band at all?
    I wouldn't feel hopeful enough to start a band if I were a teenager today. It all seems so fixed and censored and restricted. I think this is because the artists must now serve the music industry, whereas in the '70s and '80s the music industry served the artists.

    This made an incredible difference whereby just about anything could happen in the singles chart. Now, everything has a cast-iron predictability about it. We know exactly whose sales will be hoisted to 10 million, and we know exactly who will be showered with Grammys. Surprise is no longer possible.

    How do you conceive of the role of politics in music?
    I think it's urgent and essential, but many artists won't touch it because any declaration might lose sales if a certain faction of society disagrees with you. When McDonna [Madonna] recently slammed Trump, she instantly apologized. But what was sincere? Her apology, or her hatred of Trump? She obviously heard that a music store in Gooseneck, Arkansas, would no longer stock her albums.

    Is there anything you haven't accomplished yet, whether inside or outside your career, that you would like to?
    I have surpassed my own expectations many, many, many times.

    Are there any new bands or musicians you like?
    Not passionately.

    What do you think about the new biopic coming out, England Is Mine? Do you have any hopes for it?
    I wasn't approached or consulted by the filmmakers, so I think it's safe to make all the logical assumptions that arise from that. Yikes, I believe, is the common expression.

    Do you have a favorite vegan recipe you can share?
    I absolutely recommend vegan milk alternatives, which are fantastic. As we all now know, dairy farms are hell if you happen to be a cow. There's enough misery in the world without adding to it by buying cow's milk. Amen and hallelujah."

    (Thanks to RF for the heads up).

    I'm off to take cover as I'm sure there will be 'lolz'-a-plenty with the vegan milk comment.
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    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      It's too bad he wasn't approached about the film. You would think it would be one of the first things they would do, what can be the harm? Some input from the man himself could only be a good thing. Though the director probably assumes that M is unapproachable or just wanted to keep 'England is mine' a fiction, as it will be.

      No need to take cover FWD. BBB of course will chime in with the usual redundant drivel. But why should M talking about vegan milk raise any eyebrows? I mean he is... vegan.


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    2. Anonymous
      Vegan milk is a perfect description of Morrissey's music for the past 20 years.
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    3. Anonymous
      "There's only three or four which I think are ridiculous..."

      Any guesses as to which songs he's talking about here...?
    4. Watson
      Hmmm...'Tony the Pony', 'Journalists Who Lie' and 'Sweetie-Pie' must be contenders...oh and 'Found Found Found' is a dirge I would rather not hear again. All subjective, I suppose.
    5. Anonymous
      What Difference Does It Make, Roy's Keen ...
    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      yes I agree ! Vegan milk = delicious and good for you & the planet! His music the very elixir of life ! drink up ! drink up !

      'I found the fountain of youth and I fell in'

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    7. Anonymous
      Interesting that he mentions Mad Magazine. A very influential publication.
    8. Anonymous
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    9. mcrickson
      He's voiced dislike for "I Don't Owe You Anything," "Journalists Who Lie," and "What Difference Does it Make?" that I can remember.
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Not much of interesting news here.
      2 things though are a bit curious.
      1. He isn't reading any book now that inspires him in any way.
      Just following any news about the orange POTUS. o_O

      2. He prefers it people not understanding him. (Sigh)
      I don't understand him either and prefer that too.
      Understandance is boring, satisfying and leads to stagnation.
      I hope he will fulfill the high rised expectations with the planned concerts and a new album but don't count on it.
    11. Anonymous
      Piccadilly Palare, think he said ?
    12. lemonsole
      I can't imagine what it feels like being the subject of a biopic without being consulted. It's like he's already dead.
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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      1. doubt much he's not reading any books. Think he just saw his chance to say...' Predicament Trump ' :lbf:

      2. people not understand him ? prefer? I don't think he has a choice there, for he is a great artist and one of the last of the famous international playboys... I say 'one of' because Devoto is still alive and kicking.
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    14. Anonymous
      Agree that he's most likely reading something and just wanted to comment on agent orange but there is of course a lot to read about him lately. Nice interview. He seems much more relaxed than in some previous ones. I'll say If he prefers people not to understand then he must be pleasantly pleased. In a meloncholic way of course.
    15. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Well alive maybe, but kicking? :rolleyes:
      Of course Moz is a great artist but he is by nature.
      There is more to the song then his playful playboy.
      " just to make myself more attracted to you,
      have I failed"? expresses a certain sorrowful feeling, a disappointment at being him.
      As always, the music is very uplifting but the lyrics are not.
      Or the other way around. Melancholic, self deprecating and witty and funny at the same time.
      Quintessential Morrissey.
      Cheers KS
    16. Anonymous
      Oh Morrissey we would love for you to visit us here in Gooseneck, Arkansas!
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'I am angry, I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin
      My irritability keeps me alive and kicking
      I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit
      I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it'
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    18. ACTON
      If they had approached him he probably would have refused to talk to them. After all he prefers when people "don't understand". Sounds slightly pretentious to me. Before I'm attacked by Moz die hards I just want to say I am very deep and you just don't "understand" me.
      His entourage must be sick hearing the same pessimistic answers all the time.
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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun


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