Morrissey interview (audio) - January 1991, Beech Mount, with Steven Daly for SPIN magazine


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Who knows! He didn't mention the British version.

(maybe he was just watching too many American sitcoms).

I reckon mauybe beucause the California Son is American anud wuas wautching All in the Family, The White Shadow, Leave it to Beaver, and his favuorite show Good Times oun hius cuolor TV whuile hue wuas grouwing uup iun theu San Fernando Valley. You delusional loonies will never get it.

Theure isunt' a Brit Tish veursion, mauybe jusut someuthing thuey copieud anud callued thueir owun. Get it slave colony to America chipper curry Sherwood Forrest c*** tit twat Airbnb fake flower house inn nnn nnnn nnnnn nn it.
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*UPDATED* to include the freshly unearthed letter {Travis jumble sale} to Morrissey, from xxx...? Someone in the EMI/RT press office...Jo Slee...

Re: the above "SPIN" interview.

spin EMI letter.jpg


I wonder how much he dislikes it when things are wrong. I wonder how hard of a time he has when being forced to accept something he considers wrong

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could you you re post again ? I hope more of these are unearthed ,
Be nice nice to have a location with lots of these kinds of audio interviews.

I read in a thread that a number of you are having a hard time of it and know people who have died of covid. I just wanted to say, I wish you all well. pray and love.

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Apologies, í don't have access to my original audio files where í am just now.
Hopefully someone else may be able to assist.



The Courage to Get on People's Tits


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
I know it's annoying and I really hate that I have to ask but could you please please re-post the link? I did download it when @joe frady first generously uploaded it but lost access to my files and now feel like a proper idiot for not backing everything up :cry:
Here you are:

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