Morrissey interview, 2 songs on 3 News - New Zealand TV

Very surprised but Morrissey sits down with a journalist on TV3 NZ and answers some questions about the Royals and the prank phone call and then bangs out a version of "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris."

Here is the link:

Morrissey on music, the royal prank and his fanbase - 3 News (7:52 video)

BopBop also writes / sends the link:

Morrissey is in New Zealand before his tour here in the antipodes kicks off. He gave an interview to NZ TV in which he touched on the Royal prank call and his fanbase. He also performed "I'm Throwing my arms Around Paris."

Full interview and "You Have Killed Me" have also been posted on the 3 News site (links posted by Bryce Edwards):

Full interview with Morrissey in Auckland - 3 News (22:44 video)
Morrissey has spoken out about his music, his South American fan base, his hatred of the royal family, and how the Duchess of Cambridge is to blame for the death of a nurse who took a prank phone call.

Morrissey performs "You Have Killed Me" - 3 News (3:17 video)
Morrissey performs his song “You Have Killed Me” exclusively for Nightline in Auckland.


More media coverage:

kissmyshadestoo posted the link:

Morrissey Blames Royal Family for Death of Nurse - Rolling Stone
Singer suspects Kate Middleton was hospitalized for 'absolutely no reason'

Bluebirds posted the link:

Morrissey blames royal family for nurse's death - The Guardian
Singer criticises Duchess of Cambridge over the suspected suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, saying 'she feels no shame about the death of this woman'

stew77 posted the link:

Morrissey attacks royal family over radio prank - ninemsn
British singer Morrissey has blamed the British royal family for the apparent suicide of a nurse caught in a radio prank involving the Duchess of Cambridge, saying he suspected the royal household put "maximum pressure on her" after the scandal.

realitybites posted the link:

Morrissey, British Singer, Blames Pregnant Kate Middleton for Nurse's Suicide - US Weekly

Abrahan sends the link:

Morrissey believes Duchess Kate was hospitalized ‘for absolutely no reason’ - Celebitchy

Scarlet1987 posted the link:

'I'm sure the royals put maximum pressure on this woman': Anti-monarchist Morrissey blames KATE for death of hoax call nurse - Daily Mail
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Yes but it would be a little more embarrassing if he had said, "I moved overseas to avoid paying a court-ordered debt that resulted from my childish ineptitude 15 years prior and my bullheaded ignorance where financial and legal matters were concerned."

"I left England in protest of the monarchy" sounds a lot more dramatic and hyperbolic...and that's right up his alley.

True, but surely if he's going to outright lie or gloss over it he could just opt with a generic "I moved away from England to enjoy a change of scenery and a different climate" etc...

But you're right, it's right up his alley, but it does nothing for his image of being a diva. If I move overseas I'm going to give the reason that I hated the Saturday night football commentary team.

I agree in a lot of ways with a lot of what Morrissey argues for (vegetarianism aside), but he really does such a poor job of rationalising or putting his argument into a rational context. When he says stuff like "Kate was hospitalised for absolutely no reason" - yes he crux of his argument may all be true, but it's a statement like that which undermines the rest of what he is saying; he takes massive assumptions. The rest of what he is saying may be right, but maybe she was feeling really ill. He deals in absolutes a lot, its either all or nothing, either something is absolute evil and horrid all of the time about everything, or they're perfect, it seems. He doesn't seem to be able to rationalise a middle ground or grey areas, its all black and white.

But hey, it got him a headline in Rolling Stone magazine, can't get in there on his new material so may as well get in there for outlandish statements.

Regardless of all that, I'm beyond excited about the gig next week.
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It took over thirteen minutes of repetitive Royals dross, but the rest of the interview was interesting. I can't understand why he keeps hawking these also-ran songs for these appearances, though. Is the well so dry?


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It took over thirteen minutes of repetitive Royals dross, but the rest of the interview was interesting. I can't understand why he keeps hawking these also-ran songs for these appearances, though. Is the well so dry?

I know the Royals topic has been done a number of times but I found the opportunity to watch Morrissey , over that length of time in an unedited , off-the-cuff, interview , calmly account for his ostensibly "controversial" views , a real delight. Particularly after having merely print media snippets to go on for the most part ...


his rabbiting on about the royals make him seem a bit of a crank. don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. labeling the royals as a dictatorship is a bit ludicrous. they take no part in politics - all they really are loafs who suck money from the english public. which is hate-able, though hardly a dictatorship. morrissey can't seem to make a rational basis for his argument either. maybe he should read more about the occupy movement. it is a dictatorship when in most countries we can only pick from two right wing, free market parties and 1% of the population control most of the world's money and resources. this is a far more widespread problem than the royals. this is a dictatorship. but morrissey is rich so he as one of the 1% prefers to be distracted by side issues like the royals. and to almost anyone - they are a side issue.


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Totally agree with his views.


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deleted this opinionated nonsense!
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Does anyone know what is wrong with Boz's arm? Why is it in a sling?



"You Have Killed Me" is a Terrible song and incredibly, "Paris" is even worse.

Dreadful sound! Anybody who can play basic guitar chords can hear how horrible that sounds he must be paying them peanuts ! Teenage-kid-school-band at my at my eldest kids school have a FAR better sound than that. For crying out loud there are FIVE people in this set up and thats their best ? I,ve seen better buskers in Manchester with less equipment knock a better sound out than that, pathetic keep hold of your hard earned money this man has no shame. As for the interview ?
He's not far behind David Icke these days to be honest, I feel sorry for the staff of any old folks home who end up with him in a couple of years time ! Can you imagine that I bet he'd be right awkward bstard.
Oh well lets just hope he does'nt have to cancel to many more shows in the future when Al's well !


at least we got the aging white man's expertise on morning sickness.


Re: Morrissey on Duchess of Cambridge's blame for suicide

I'm starting to feel embarassed for being a Morrissey fan.


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Re: Morrissey on Duchess of Cambridge's blame for suicide

1. Morrissey hates the Royals and nothing they do is acceptable in his mind. Full stop.

2. By now, it is obvious to him and to us, that a guaranteed way for him to get in the press is to criticize them. Works every time.

But about those comments...

"Does she have a health condition?" the singer asked. "Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy?" "[She] was in the hospital, as far as I could see, for absolutely no reason..."

It doesn't matter why she was in the hospital. If she needed medical attention then she deserved to be there. Period.

"I mean morning sickness already?"

Morning sickness occurs in the very early stages of pregnancy. This is how many women come to suspect they may be pregnant.

"While much of this stress can be blamed on the press, he said, or the 'maximum pressure [of] … the Palace and Clarence House,' he called on the duchess to take direct responsibility."

Are other people responsible for a person's suicide? Or is it ultimately the choice of the person? It isn't murder. It is suicide. Morrissey feels empathy for an emotionally unstable nurse, but absolutely none for Kate Middleton simply because she married into the wrong family. If Kate committed suicide after Morrissey's comments, would he be to blame? I don't think so.

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Re: Morrissey on Duchess of Cambridge's blame for suicide

I laughed out loud when I saw this. What an idiot. At least he didn't compare it to the Holocaust.


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I will say, I personally think the interviewer did a superb job. Really kept the flow of the interview going smoothly. That "romantic troubadour" question was so beautifully phrased.
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Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

That was a good interview and a good performance (and I don't even like Paris that much). I expect most ppl think what he said about Kate is far-fetched - but he's right, and he wouldn't say it for no reason.

What he said about Kate was right was it? What part? In hospital for absolutely no reason as far as he can see. How far can he see? Is he magic?

Morning sickness is a condition that does not exist. It is known as nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. In its mild form it is unpleasant and uncomfortable to have. In its extreme form it is known as hyperemesis gravidarum. Unless treatment for it is received it can kill women and babies and sometimes even with treatment it does result in the loss of the unborn child. It is utter hell to live through. It can affect sufferers so strongly that even speaking can cause uncontrollable vomiting. I don't call that nothing. And in this case I know more about it than Morrissey. Oh and the reason he is saying it........ because it gets attention. Pure and simple.

Regardless of your politics, Morrissey is talking utter crap about Kate Middleton's condition. I also doubt whether he is in any position to know for certain what Kate feels about the nurse's suicide. If he is, then he must have closer contacts with the royals than he professes. I doubt this. You may love Morrissey, you may love his music, you may agree with his politics but in this he has missed the mark.

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