Morrissey interview, 2 songs on 3 News - New Zealand TV

Very surprised but Morrissey sits down with a journalist on TV3 NZ and answers some questions about the Royals and the prank phone call and then bangs out a version of "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris."

Here is the link:

Morrissey on music, the royal prank and his fanbase - 3 News (7:52 video)

BopBop also writes / sends the link:

Morrissey is in New Zealand before his tour here in the antipodes kicks off. He gave an interview to NZ TV in which he touched on the Royal prank call and his fanbase. He also performed "I'm Throwing my arms Around Paris."

Full interview and "You Have Killed Me" have also been posted on the 3 News site (links posted by Bryce Edwards):

Full interview with Morrissey in Auckland - 3 News (22:44 video)
Morrissey has spoken out about his music, his South American fan base, his hatred of the royal family, and how the Duchess of Cambridge is to blame for the death of a nurse who took a prank phone call.

Morrissey performs "You Have Killed Me" - 3 News (3:17 video)
Morrissey performs his song “You Have Killed Me” exclusively for Nightline in Auckland.


More media coverage:

kissmyshadestoo posted the link:

Morrissey Blames Royal Family for Death of Nurse - Rolling Stone
Singer suspects Kate Middleton was hospitalized for 'absolutely no reason'

Bluebirds posted the link:

Morrissey blames royal family for nurse's death - The Guardian
Singer criticises Duchess of Cambridge over the suspected suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, saying 'she feels no shame about the death of this woman'

stew77 posted the link:

Morrissey attacks royal family over radio prank - ninemsn
British singer Morrissey has blamed the British royal family for the apparent suicide of a nurse caught in a radio prank involving the Duchess of Cambridge, saying he suspected the royal household put "maximum pressure on her" after the scandal.

realitybites posted the link:

Morrissey, British Singer, Blames Pregnant Kate Middleton for Nurse's Suicide - US Weekly

Abrahan sends the link:

Morrissey believes Duchess Kate was hospitalized ‘for absolutely no reason’ - Celebitchy

Scarlet1987 posted the link:

'I'm sure the royals put maximum pressure on this woman': Anti-monarchist Morrissey blames KATE for death of hoax call nurse - Daily Mail
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"Night Line" ... the name of the show he was on. Keep up King old boy! ;)

Agree about 'You Have Killed Me' ~ lovely new plunging phrasing in the vocal nicely complemented the plaintive heavy-ass axe work. Sweet bit of hammond as well.

Yeah...why play new material when he can just change the syllabic emphasis on old songs. Brilliant!

Promoting songs that are seven years old. Those record deal offers should roll right in now....


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Wait..i thought you stopped posting? That lasted all of 15 days.

You taking notes? I've had two bowel movements today and just ate a candy. That is all.

Hamish Gavin

Just realised Morrissey was in the same building as me yesturday (I work at TV3 NZ). Pretty disapointed I didn't know about this before hand but I guess they kept it on the downlow. Would have liked a chance to meet the man. Good int tho!


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I love Moz but why can't he stop going on about the f***ing Royals, I'm bored of the same old shit, can't he just focus on his music instead of doing these second rate interviews, I totally agree with Skylarker about the slight change on You Have Killed Me, is this the shit.what supposed to knock our (and a record companies socks off) it was great when it was released 6 years ago. Is this really the fruits of his labour? A few mediocre tracks not even on an official release after his last album 3 years ago. It's not even like You Have Killed Me is a really vintage, lost track of his, it was on his second to last album!


"You Have Killed Me" is a Terrible song and incredibly, "Paris" is even worse.


Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

Morrissey is going to get so much crap if the British papers pick this one up.

The real reason Morrissey is so upset about the Royal Family is he wants to be The Queen of England.


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A jetlagged Morrissey gives it both barrels to that bunch of parasitic benefit scroungers. And needless to say he is right about the prank call and the manner in which the British media whipped it up to a frenzy and were culpable for the nurse's demise.

If we didn't have an anachronistic hereditary monarchy the world would be a better place. To suggest we are somebody's subjects in an alleged 21st Century modern democracy is beyond parody.

Still Pippa has a nice arse.

I'm sure the mainstream media will pick up on this but the problem is that the revolution in global communications have made people question the status quo and increasingly question the state and its complicity in mass cover-ups. ergo that Snooper's Bill the Tories are trying to put on the statute books now. And 15 years of Nu-Labour's attempt to control peoples' lives.

Good interview, quite surprising really


Has no substance to his arguements, Why are they not dictators? well explain, please i would like to know the reasons. He is just filled with nonsensical, critical, headling grabbing buzzwords


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I love Moz but why can't he stop going on about the f***ing Royals,

Maybe its because the british royal family endorse and participate in the horrific torcher and cruelty of another living species via there love of blood sports - fox hunting!!!!!!!! :(
Not only does fox hunting set a disgracefull example 2 the nation, but these criminals who endorse and participate in this cruelty also encourage and cultivate a world full of hate and suffering !

So maybe this is one of the reasons why morrissey goes on so much about the royal family - becaue they murder innocent animals ?
Morrissey cant help loving and helping animals , its who he is, and the fact he simply refuses to not continually speack out on behalf of our kind little animal friends, speaks volumes about the kinda man he really is! :)

Keep on keeping on morrissey!!!
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I think Morrissey looks rather smart. Smart commentary and smartly dressed.
I also think he looks a bit trimmer.

Love him or hate him, or somewhere in-between, one cannot deny, a new vid interview is fresh fodder for your fancy fetish!
Fetish away. With fry sauce, please.

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Not a bad interview but they kept on (both Moz and Interviewer) about the Royals thing a bit too much. I agree with him for the most part, but then when he says something like he moved overseas because of the Royals it's like "really? grow up..." because you KNOW theres more to a move than that, but its a little embarrassing when he states stuff like that.

Yes but it would be a little more embarrassing if he had said, "I moved overseas to avoid paying a court-ordered debt that resulted from my childish ineptitude 15 years prior and my bullheaded ignorance where financial and legal matters were concerned."

"I left England in protest of the monarchy" sounds a lot more dramatic and hyperbolic...and that's right up his alley.


Has no substance to his arguements, Why are they not dictators? well explain, please i would like to know the reasons. He is just filled with nonsensical, critical, headling grabbing buzzwords

He did explain his reasoning in the full interview. Especially when the interviewer quite rightly challenged him about Syria. He hasn't got a PhD in political science, although he could have one in creating a media shitstorm for speaking his mind.


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Spot-on interview. I do laugh at the comments from posters here trying to analyze and judge Morrissey's thoughts and words in the interview. He makes point after point made with thesis, explanation, and example. Please post your counter arguements and say why you disagree with his position on the recent death of the nurse or the royals in general, rather than offering spineless criticism.

Pokey wrote: "you KNOW theres more to a move than that, but its a little embarrassing when he states stuff like that".

No I don't KNOW. Please explain what the "more" is. And why would he give a f*** about anyone being embarrassed for him. When has he ever? I certainly am not.

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