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By bhops on Dec 11, 2012 at 3:10 PM
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    Very surprised but Morrissey sits down with a journalist on TV3 NZ and answers some questions about the Royals and the prank phone call and then bangs out a version of "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris."

    Here is the link:

    Morrissey on music, the royal prank and his fanbase - 3 News (7:52 video)

    BopBop also writes / sends the link:

    Morrissey is in New Zealand before his tour here in the antipodes kicks off. He gave an interview to NZ TV in which he touched on the Royal prank call and his fanbase. He also performed "I'm Throwing my arms Around Paris."

    Full interview and "You Have Killed Me" have also been posted on the 3 News site (links posted by Bryce Edwards):

    Full interview with Morrissey in Auckland - 3 News (22:44 video)
    Morrissey has spoken out about his music, his South American fan base, his hatred of the royal family, and how the Duchess of Cambridge is to blame for the death of a nurse who took a prank phone call.

    Morrissey performs "You Have Killed Me" - 3 News (3:17 video)
    Morrissey performs his song “You Have Killed Me” exclusively for Nightline in Auckland.

    UPDATE 8:55 PM PT:

    More media coverage:

    kissmyshadestoo posted the link:

    Morrissey Blames Royal Family for Death of Nurse - Rolling Stone
    Singer suspects Kate Middleton was hospitalized for 'absolutely no reason'

    Bluebirds posted the link:

    Morrissey blames royal family for nurse's death - The Guardian
    Singer criticises Duchess of Cambridge over the suspected suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, saying 'she feels no shame about the death of this woman'

    stew77 posted the link:

    Morrissey attacks royal family over radio prank - ninemsn
    British singer Morrissey has blamed the British royal family for the apparent suicide of a nurse caught in a radio prank involving the Duchess of Cambridge, saying he suspected the royal household put "maximum pressure on her" after the scandal.

    realitybites posted the link:

    Morrissey, British Singer, Blames Pregnant Kate Middleton for Nurse's Suicide - US Weekly

    Abrahan sends the link:

    Morrissey believes Duchess Kate was hospitalized ‘for absolutely no reason’ - Celebitchy

    Scarlet1987 posted the link:

    'I'm sure the royals put maximum pressure on this woman': Anti-monarchist Morrissey blames KATE for death of hoax call nurse - Daily Mail
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by bhops, Dec 11, 2012.

    1. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      The first 10 seconds of You Have killed Me vid :lbf:
    2. 123xyz
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      Thanks for posting this. Not quite sure I follow Moz on the culpability of Kate Middeleton ... ? A nice little interview , though , and I thought "Paris" sounded pretty good ...
    3. Because
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      Morrissey is going to get so much crap if the British papers pick this one up.
    4. Bryce Edwards
      Bryce Edwards
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      In addition to the above link, you can see the full interview with Morrissey in Auckland And Morrissey performs "You Have Killed Me"
    5. Mozzer's Left Eyebrow
      Mozzer's Left Eyebrow
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      That was a good interview and a good performance (and I don't even like Paris that much). I expect most ppl think what he said about Kate is far-fetched - but he's right, and he wouldn't say it for no reason.
    6. Stoned
      Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV

      Lovely interview , thanks for posting!
      Cheers Moz
    7. gonzax
      What happened to Boz and his arm?
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
    8. celibate
      good intervieuw

      Morrissey looks tired, time he really takes a year of, going on with his biography, trimming it,
      as He wrote, well I would say rI'd love a 2x 4oo pages book, than a trimmed 5-6oo 1 book

      The person who did the intervieuw had the day of his live, lured him in some issues where he
      knows Morrissey will answer with harsh words, as he did with the Royals

      but just ending with Morrissey touring schedule the past years, too much and it's showing on his face
    9. King Leer
      King Leer
      Enjoyed this. Morrissey is real in a PR'd-to-death world.
      You Have Killed Me sounded very good, Paris just OK.
      Weird moment at the end of the YHKM clip. What does he say, "Night night"??
    10. CrystalGeezer
      Crazy part: I can assure you a thousand percent when he starts sweating its not the lights, the warm studio or the interview questions, its MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CHEST PAIN. OMG I'm so sorry. Was he touching his lips a lot? :rofl: SUCKSTOBEBLIND!!!!!!

      Normal part: For those who haven't seem it yet the full interview makes more sense than the short one. Watch both to witness the power of editing. Morrissey did well. I only cringed at the anorexic part. :p
    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      "Night Line" ... the name of the show he was on. Keep up King old boy! ;)

      Agree about 'You Have Killed Me' ~ lovely new plunging phrasing in the vocal nicely complemented the plaintive heavy-ass axe work. Sweet bit of hammond as well.
    12. MozRecording
    13. King Leer
      King Leer
      Hah - I am getting old, but I never thought Morrissey would do station/programme IDs. Not really useable as a soundbite, though, is it. His stare right before he says it is quite unsettling!

      Think I'll d/l that MP3 of You Have... kindly supplied above.

    14. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      He does look tired, but it's a 23 hour flight from England to New Zealand. Even first class can't take away the tiredness.
    15. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      I thought Morrissey looked quite relaxed. YHKM was quite blistering hot. He's getting older but still as sharp as a tack.

      Those shoes he was wearing looked quite nice. Were they trainers? I couldn't quite tell.
    16. Pokey
      Not a bad interview but they kept on (both Moz and Interviewer) about the Royals thing a bit too much. I agree with him for the most part, but then when he says something like he moved overseas because of the Royals it's like "really? grow up..." because you KNOW theres more to a move than that, but its a little embarrassing when he states stuff like that.

      That being said, great performances and I'm psyched I'll see him next week for only the 3rd time ever and nearly 7 years since the last time which was 4 years before the first time ... so it's an extremely rare treat which will be cherished :)
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
    17. Anonymous
      Wait..i thought you stopped posting? That lasted all of 15 days.

    18. Amy
      What a gutless decision to edit out all the controversial stuff. Really enjoyed this interview, but how cowardly for it to be butchered in case it offends anyone.
    19. Amy
      "That's a very strong word, Morrissey".


      "....Good? It's supposed to be?" :thumb:

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