Morrissey "Intermission Music" 1991-2009 Various Artists Compilation (Updated 26 March '19)


Game Of Death.
just listened to that bow wow wow version of i started something and it was pretty damn good,pleasantly surprised.


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Just came across this, great collections and nice work assembling them all.

I just wanted to point out that the 91 mix is missing Golden Lights by Twinkle (which was the first track played on that mix) on the actual download link, but it's listed as track 4 on the index.

Also, the 2002 mix is missing Old Shep by Hank Snow. I know these mixes aren't exactly going for the correct running order of the originals, but I have a copy of the actual mix that was played in 2002 and for reference, this is the proper running order (apart from the intro and closing music):

1 – Bravo (The Apex Theory)

2 – Writing a Letter (Smoking Popes)

3 – Arts and Crafts Spectacular (Sparks)

4 – Part Time Punks (Television Personalities)

5 – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (Bette Davis)

6 – Hey Mom (Nathan Abshire)

7 – Bubble Gun (Brigitte Bardot)

8 – The Thing About Men (Pony Club)

9 – Morrissey (Leo Garcia)

10 – One Horse Town (The Thrills)

11 – The Fool (Ludus)

12 – Old Shep (Hank Snow)

13 – Innocent and Vain (Nico)

Famous when dead

Thank you.
Other than other people's good will and my own personal time digging through countless (some very vague) gig threads picking all the tracks people have referred to (and subsequently verifying if correct using other sources to discount erroneous tracks) - there's no possible way to get any of the year's 100% correct apart from your type of source :)
I doubt I will revisit the old files to sort Twinkle et al - as people can read the above post and see where there's a track missing and where running order differs.
Again, thank you for the information - I'll get round to editing the wiki audio sequence for '02.

(I should also point out each year's entries are cumulative and some gigs had tracks added or taken away - hence the large nature of some years. Obviously, not all the tracks listed were played at once).


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Right, 92 added a bunch, but it was essentially the same. 97 had two different mixes, one for leg 1 and one for leg 2. Same was true for 99/2000, 2004 and 06/07. Somewhere, I have a list of all of them, but it would take some serious digging.
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