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Full details will appear next week of Morrissey's ten upcoming concerts in Eire and the UK. The dates are fixed for September and October. No rules / regulations / restrictions will be in place for these concerts - everyone is welcome. Morrissey's last UK date was London Wembley Arena in March 2020. Morrissey will play 5 nights at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas during the first week of July.


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Media items:
I‘m an Irish Mancunian. It was always the case that when sending mail, such a Christmas and Birthday cards over to family in Ireland that “EIRE” was written at the end of the address. All my family did it, and I still do it. It‘s how Irish Immigrants who came to the UK in the 50’s & 60’s were advised to send post back home. The habit stuck. It’s not something that anyone gives a seconds thought to.

At no other time would this be used, said, or referred to by anyone.
But yes, on letters it’s Eire. But my mum pronounces it “Ireland”.
I’m Irish Mancunian: we’re obviously peasants because we called Ireland, Ireland.
Take a look at the Irish passport. Ireland is actually the anglicised version of Erie. As I’ve said, I don’t ever use it apart from for postal reasons. Read my post again, as it’s made perfectly clear how my family use that word.

Peasants? I can name my ancestors who perished in the Great Famine due to being evicted from their tenement farm by the Earl of Lucan. Don‘t try that with me.
Even if I can't go, I'll always be there with Moz supporting him in everything. If you sell a lot if you sell little with or without a stamp, always with Moz always.always always. My special singer means a lot to me and I admire him more than ever!! VIVA MOZUCHISSSSS🥰🥰🥰🥰
im going for a monday announcement with tickets going on sale on friday.
Let's just hope this means that Bonfire is going to be released this year. Judging by Veronica it's going to be well worth the wait...
I'm Irish and have lived here most of my life apart from 4 to 5 years. I never hear Eire unless it's in a TV documentary about Ireland 100 years ago. Our national broadcaster is RTE (Raidio Telefis Eireann) which means radio/television of Ireland. But certainly Eire is never used in conversation or modern culture as far as I know. Then again we never call Britain 'Great Britain' because of its inherent pomposity and self-congratulatory cringeworthiness.
Try again.

Great Britain merely refers to the geographical island of Britain. It's paranoid Celtic Whinge Fringe eejits who confuse and conflate it with the British Empire, which Eire-Ireland's ruling Norman Tory-Toraigh were an integral part of until 1916 and the subsequent wars on the island of Ireland.

What does the E in RTÈ stand for, sonny?

Re-read your answer where you explicitly state that the State propaganda channel's name clearly states Eire is still synonymous with Eireann.


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I am OFFENDED by this tour poster as it lists Killarney atop a load of Brit cities and towns. I am seething!

This is both inappropriate and highly problematical because it wrongfully suggests a connection between the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪 and the heathen United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Please explicitly state that this is a tour of both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Morrissey, or we will cancel your fcukin arse'n'all...again!
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