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Full details will appear next week of Morrissey's ten upcoming concerts in Eire and the UK. The dates are fixed for September and October. No rules / regulations / restrictions will be in place for these concerts - everyone is welcome. Morrissey's last UK date was London Wembley Arena in March 2020. Morrissey will play 5 nights at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas during the first week of July.


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Hopefully a chance to get to my first Morrissey gig after about 10 years of listening! His music means so much to my dad and I. It would also be the first live music performance he takes me to. This really will be fantastic!
I'd be tempted to go if it's Glasgow Barrowlands.....
Absolute bollix...the modern dispute over the use of that word doesn't negate its ancient origins.Éire

'Etymology. The modern Irish Éire evolved from the Old Irish word Ériu, which was the name of Ireland and of a Gaelic goddess. Ériu is generally believed to have been the matron goddess of Ireland, a goddess of sovereignty, or simply a goddess of the land.'

And written in the matrix of Hatful of Hollow!
no rules / regulations / restrictions will be in place for these concerts - everyone is welcome!!!

can i bring my dog?
Yes, yes, Ohhhh yes!

Toss up between London or Brighton for this southerner depending on the days but I will be there! A part of me wondered if I would ever see the man again, so this opportunity will be firmly taken with both hands.
I think the days of a 3/4 full Hydro are long gone…
Your probably was exactly like that last time I was there to see him. We were up in the Gods and the only upside was that our little section had its own little designated bar, so there was no Queuing😃
EIRE? No-one here calls it that. It's the Republic of Ireland or just Ireland. Eire was a made up phrase used by the British establishment...

Not sure where you mean by 'here'? It was never a 'made up phrase used by the British establishment'.
Many English-speakers in Ireland may not use the word, but they would all know what the word means - it is on the stamps and the coins, after all. Those in the Gaeltacht - where Irish is still spoken - use this word every day to refer to the island of Ireland, and the state commonly called the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Parliament is called Dail Eireann - Irish for 'parliament of Ireland'.
Dave Haslam will come out of the woodwork to sabotage the Manchester gig. He needs another 15 mins of fame.
What's with these fans skipping the gig according to venue? Come on, it's MOZ!
Meh, I saw him at the Arena in 2016. It was a good gig, I just can't be arsed with the arena. I've seen him enough times now that I don't mind skipping if it's at a massive venue.
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