Morrissey in Napoli (Oct. 7, 2015) - TicketOne

Surprise suprise! :cool:

I haven't seen any other thread about Napoli.

Here the link for buying tickets. Who knows more about it?

Morrissey NAPOLI - Biglietti - TicketOne
mer, 07/10/15, 21.00 Teatro Augusteo
Piazzetta Duca d'Aosta, 263, 80133 NAPOLI

On sale July 28


Link posted by an anonymous person:

Morrissey Napoli date -
27 July 2015

Morrissey will play the Teatro Augusteo in Napoli in Italy on 7 October. This will be the only Italian show that Morrissey will play this year. Tickets go on sale 28 July at 10 a.m.
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Re: Morrissey in Napoli, october 7

It's a rather small venue isn't it?


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Is he going to wheeled out on stage in a wheel barrel? How can he do a gig being stuffed full of pasta, marinara sauce, and bread? How is he going to resist the homemade parmesan cheese? I am really worried about this show being cancelled. Anonymous-


Re: Morrissey in Napoli, october 7

Still, pleasantly small compared to the shitty arenas he's been playing recently.

Oh, so you didn't like his touring in 1991 then? Pretty much all venues back then were HUGE SHITTY ARENAS. Well ...


This link says the following (in English)

MORRISSEY: back in Italy for a single date on October 7 in Naples

After the success of the dates of last October, MORRISSEY back by popular demand in Italy and this time it will do in a unique and unforgettable show. The British artist, who is currently working on a new album soon to be released, will perform at the Teatro Augusteo in Naples on 7 October. It will be the only opportunity that we will have to see the historic singer in concert in our country.

Here are the details of the data:
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
NAPLES Teatro Augusteo
Concert starts: 21.00
Doors open: 19.30
Tickets on starting at 10 to Tuesday, July 28
Ticket price: from € 40.00 + dp

So Morrissey is "currently working on a new album soon to be released"? Everyone EXCEPT MORRISSEY is working on that soon to be released LIVE ALBUM. :D


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Sorely tempted to go to this, is Naples safe at night?
Poster. Yellow shirted `old` design. Not the current KMAL peek-a-boo version he`s been using for Hull & London. Probably fan made, the title isn`t centred and there`s no detail for promoters, tickets etc...
I like it though :)
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Sorely tempted to go to this, is Naples safe at night?

No more dangerous than, say, Liverpool.

So then I went to Liverpool,
and got held up outside a
nightclub by two merchant
seamen who said:
"give us your money or give
us your trousers."
And as I handed them my
trousers ...
(Well, you've got to make the
Most of Life, haven't you?)
August/Winter Eighty-hate.

There is a cracking pizza restaurant there, the best in town (apparently) blink and you will walk past it, presidents and celebs have eaten there, and there is a shrine in the cellar to Maradonna


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