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As there is very little footage of Morrissey in HD (I believe) and if you have access to MTVNHD CH358, you may wish to watch -

Jukebox London Live: Brit Boys

'Jarvis Cocker, Morrissey, Badly Drawn Boy, The Streets all brilliant, all British, and all lined to play up on MTV LIVE HDs Jukebox London Live.'
Broadcast in 1080i High-Definition and Dolby Surround 5.1.

08th 7am
10th 7pm
11th 3pm

This was also shown today and personally I would record the programme before and after Jukebox, as the scheduled timings were approx. 1 hour out and not as stated.
Morrissey, You Have Killed Me, 2006, on stage at Camden, originally broadcast on CH4.

Perhaps someone on smithstorrents with the know how may record and upload it.


Did anyone know he was actually going to appear on this? I didn't....he doesn't tell us anything, does he?
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