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In other words, the Tiny Tim of Smithsdom? This surely makes the world a better place. Much like the existence of a swedish synthpop band devoted wholly to Star Trek-related lyrics (S.P.O.C.K.). I'm not sure exactly how, but the spirit of the thing has to be worth something.


Oso Blanco

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This guy can't sing, but I just can't stop listening to him. I like the instrumentation of his versions and his translations are absolutely hilarious!

If he's ever going to play in Berlin, I'd definitely go to see him!

Cosey Mo

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Wikad. :thumb:

Velourskopf? :eek: LOL :laughing:


pez has recorded new songs: one being wide to receive-zum empfang bereit( i did listen to it once at an internetcafe, good work with the backing vocals
then boy with the thorn and november spawned a monster is also in it

from recent concerts(in halle)
please please please-bitte bitte bitte
another recording from the song from the same concert

still ill -noch kränklich
another recording from the song from the same concert

der letzte internationale berühmte playboy

november schuf ein untier

every day is like sunday-alltag ist wie sonntag

stopp mich

unhappy bday-alles schlechte z.geb

ausserdem videos von handsome devil (clearer version and others-some girls , there is a light etc
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am 20.11. dreht sich die Welt um München:
Nach dem Konzert des grossen Meisters in der Tonhalle findet im Atomic Café die Aftershowparty statt und wir werden dort spielen, lebendig und in Farbe!

Start ist um 23 Uhr, Zeit genug, um von A nach B zu kommen.

Und das Beste: Jeder, der eine Karte des Konzerts in der Tonhalle mitbringt, erhält ermässigten Eintritt.

Die Idee dazu ist ein Gemeinschaftswerk von Achim "Sechzig" Bogdahn (BR2 Zündfunk), dem Atomic Café und perrecy. Eine gute, wie ich finde.

Es würde mich freuen, euch dort zu sehen,
viele Grüsse,


Hi there,

at the 20th of November, the world's hub is Munich:
After the concert of the grand master at the "Tonhalle", the aftershowparty will take place at the Atomic Café abd we will be playing there, live and in colour!

Begin is 11 pm, time enough to get from A to B.

The best thing: Everybody, who hold a ticket to the concert at the "Tonhalle" will get a rebate on the entrance-fee.

The idea to this came from Achim "Sechzig" Bagdahn, the Atomic Café and perrecy. And it's a good one, as I find.

Glad to see you there,

Atomic Café
Neuturmstr. 5, 80331 München,[/QUOTE]

the ton halle f -adress:Grafinger Strasse which is the station ostbahnhof

atomic cafe aDRESS: NEUTURMSTRASSE 5 the nearest tube is isartor(if and then you have to take the bus or walk to get to the atomic cafe

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pez has switched his playlist recently. no news on new livedates yet
cover morrissey cover perrecy
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