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i dont know! i guess i dont really understand because wine doesnt really appeal to me, so the fuss people make over it always seems disproportionate.
i think it comes down to people want to have "nice things" every day, when really they should be seen as a luxury. i mean, im guilty of that because i drink coffee every day (although i dont actually think coffee is very nice; actually it has quite a terrible taste in my opinion) and admittedly got a bit huffy the other day when we didnt have any at work (surely whatever dolt is responsible for supplying coffee would have the foresight to ensure we dont run out?!), which was not very equanimous of me. we start to incorporate these things into a routine or custom, all completely manufactured and arbitrary, to make ourselves feel, i think, less flat, to make us think that we are creatures of refinement, connoisseurs of taste, and that we are fulfilling needs which, when analyzed, really arent needs. like, i really dont need coffee for anything, but ive made up this myth about how it clears my mind fog, and yet on days when i dont have coffee i dont have mind fog, and if anything, coffee makes me irritable. i think that's one of the reasons i like being sick: it's a way to feel filled up, occupied, in your natural state, without looking for outside sources for fulfillment or distraction. i guess you could say im a connoisseur of sickness. i know all the best kinds. i never get sick though. never, never, never. it's tragic. how i wish i were sick in austria right now, like 12"etc!

I understand what you mean about wine.
It's just as in Mediterranean countries, like France, Italy and Spain it is about an integral part of food and drink culture and if you grow up with it you learn to appreciate.

Of course it is an acquired taste, like almost everything in life.
It's not seen there as a luxury. It's just one of the pleasant things of life.

By the way, as these countries have such a long experience with wine, and it is more available and seen as one of the pleasant things of life, in general the alcohol abuse is much lower in these countries, compared to other countries.

And wine is almost allways consumed in combination with food.
There are so many dishes and different types of wine making the food taste better, or the other way around.
It's the richness and the variety that is so attractive, while a good meal with a nice wine can make me feel happy. Even it is for only a couple of hours.
It's just a very simple, basic thing to enjoy life.
If all those things are seen as bad and unhealthy, what would be a satisfying replacement? And I do make my own choices.
I dislike people telling me how to live and backing it up with morally biased nonsense. They seem to enjoy to tell other people how to live but secretly enjoying the same things.
Cheers Rifke!
oh, i didnt know that he wanted you banned! well i dont support that. i just thought it was a funny exchange. i can tell you're an interesting person, and i always like reading your posts when you talk about yourself (i like it when you finish your post to say you're going to have a glass of wine or cider or whatever:lbf:). maybe you should start one of those threads about arts and crafts or the paranormal, etc. yourself. im sure you have a lot to say! i agree that it would be refreshing to talk about other things besides politics and the legal system, etc.

Forgot 2 reply 2 this, I may post a new post on such subjects, but may just wait 4 others 2 do so !
Your a good poster yourself in your owm way ! :)
Think ANYTHING - any subject is better than politics !
Others may enjoy it, I find it can corrupt me, The blatent lies these politicians tell, it can really affect me if I allow it :(
Moz sweats a lot no matter what the social occasion. Some say he never gets laid and that means he instead sweats a lot.
Moz sweats a lot no matter what the social occasion. Some say he never gets laid and that means he instead sweats a lot.

He could seduce the pants off of anyone if he wanted to. Who could resist that voice, the eyebrow lift, that tongue thing he does....his sideburns..and he has great legs..his obsession with his own nipples

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