Morrissey in Chile (TV news broadcast, photo)

Update (Feb. 21, 5:45PM PT):

Link posted in the comments from klaus - article (PDF attached) with a few more photos in La Tercera.

Morrissey llega a Santiago y pide hacer un show sin interrupciones - La Tercera(PDF)

Update (Feb. 21, 9:20AM PT):

Link posted in the comments from _jpgo with more photos (10 total):

Morrissey y Perales inician arribo de las figuras extranjeras al Festival -
El británico estará toda la semana ensayando en Santiago, mientras que el español partió directamente a Viña del Mar, tras aterrizar esta mañana.

Marisol writes:

This video is quite good and it came out today after a note in a local news show:

If you need translation just let me know. He'll be in Chile until next Monday, so there should be plenty of news to share.


Also posted in the forums by count_pipe (original post):

Morrissey and his Chilean fan in the Ritz Hotel, Santiago

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King Leer

Leering since '97
So cool to see Moz-mania hit Chile, with a full TV segment like this. Crying fans and everything!


the one he left behind
Ha, those fans had some nice words.
Nice to see some pure love out there. Must have been quite a thrill.


Morrissey actually have a lot of hard cor fans in Chile andlatin america. This is the third time that he visit this awesome country. The weird&cool thing is the festival where he is going to play. Normally the Viña Festival just have odinary artists. But this time Moz is gonna be the exeption! Greeings foma Chileans in
missing Moz in Chile.


Glad to see the Mitchell brothers have found gainful employment working as Morrissey's security. Was this a spur of the moment walkabout or were the media tipped off beforehand. Oh, how cynical of me!


Where is he walking to ? I wonder if the hotel where he is staying is close to where the concert is and he walking over to practice ? May-be a meet and greet with the fans but that could turn into a mob scene . Anyone know ?


good to mozz getting a bit of sun,tans coming along all chileans who will get to see him,enjoy.jelly n ice cream awaits.


Where is he walking to ? I wonder if the hotel where he is staying is close to where the concert is and he walking over to practice ? May-be a meet and greet with the fans but that could turn into a mob scene . Anyone know ?
Walking to a restaurant called 'Tiramisu', about to treat himself to a margarita pizza.


I am so sick of people misspelling Morrissey's name. Is it really that hard? Journalism is dead. Would it kill people to check facts? It's like I was reading in another thread, posted by Kewpie ( in which she describes that Morrissey played, "Shame Is The Name" in concert in July 2010. One small problem, THERE WERE NO f***ING CONCERTS IN 2010, LET ALONE JULY! It's a product of a dumbed-down society, we are headed back to caveman days. People are stupid. Texting has made people stupid. In school, people don't even study or read anymore. They're idiots. They cheat, lie and do anything they can to be "famous" all the while, claiming to be "christian." Cheating on their taxes. Spitting on the down and out(sort of like this website). Truly, Come Armageddon, come. I hope the Mayan's were right and the end of the world is nigh, December 2012 to be exact. I think I'll read Moz' autobiography and then Iran can start WW III and let this shit be over. Sucks anyway. But it probably won't happen because there is no God and the Mayans were too stupid to think past 2012. Everyone makes fun of and picks on the U.S. but let me tell you South American's, Chileans, and Mexicans are just as arrogant and clueless as North Americans. They're just poor, so everyone feels sorry for them. They're good people, though.

Long live Urban the swede (not racist...that much)

Eric Hartman

Oh My God, that picture!

He looks older than my grandfather!

Does he suffer from Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome?
Good Show Morrissey! Looking larger than life itself, usual! Espanol muy rapido para mio... Excuse my awful Spanish! "simpering me eh Moz? "You and I just smile because were thinking the same lines"... Or is it lies? Either fits! Always....


Oh well...enough said
I dont see Eddie Mendoza (Security) around him anymore.Has he left?
Cheers Moz


He always looks ill at ease when women grab him. He kind of reminds me, lookswise, of the film maker Nick Broomfield.

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