Morrissey in Chile - rehearsals, Viña Del Mar broadcast, other media

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    The tour begins tomorrow, Feb. 24.

    From sistasheila:

    Feb. 24 Viña del Mar show to be broadcast / streamed?

    There has been a report I found online that his chile festival date on 24the feb will be shown on Chilean tv (original post). The broadcast on the internet is announced as well but seems its not that easy to be seen on the internet outside chile according to these users trying to register:

    Link from Rodrigo:

    Morrissey rehearsals in Chile
    Una tarde de ensayo en Santiago con Morrissey y sus músicos - La Tercera

    Some links posted by _jpgo in the comments section of a previous story:

    Virginia Reginato, Mayor of Vina del Mar City:'' I'm very sad because Morrissey did not come to Viña''
    Virginia Reginato: ''Estoy muy triste porque Morrissey no se vino a Viña'' - ADN Radio

    Video from day 2 of Morrissey in Chile
    Morrissey nuevamente sorprendió a sus fans - Viña 2012

    Xtreme LOVE for Morrissey - María José Arias
    Ella se tatuó el autógrafo de Morrissey -


    Top Secret!
    Morrissey En Mis Manos by Ricardo Oyarzún - La Cuerta


    Photo gallery - Morrissey fans with cats on their head
    Fans de Morrissey posan con gatos en la cabeza - Viña 2012

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 23, 2012.

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