Morrissey in Berlin Oct. 11 - Official FB

BMG seems to do a lot...

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Is this still happening as there is no list of it anywhere in the tour section, nothing on Morrissey official and anywhere else that I can see?
My theory is that they're trying to keep this whole thing as secret as possible because they don't want to deal with shitloads of people trying to get in despite not having a guest list spot. I mean c'mon, there are probably thousands of people in/around Berlin who would love to see Morrissey (especially for free!). But yeah, I might be wrong.
According to a reliable source it's definitely happening.
A "face check for the cameras" would be a horrible thing.
All the old quiffs must be combed to enormous heights, somehow!
"I am always in Berlin, and here, yet again, at the Tempodrom. I circle estate agents looking for a loft overlooking life, but I’m always distracted by onward travel."
You might be right, oh hell, so be it. Well, they should indeed ignore those who posted complete Song Lyrics probably quickly pasted down from obscure Internet sources. Is this something a true Fan would do? I doubt it. The assignment actually reads: post your fav-songLINE of charming Morrissey. Have a nice Weekend
Seems they are 'official' :)

Hoping the broadcast isn't limited.
Almost 600 people have left a Line (and more). At noon a random Generator is going to decide. Goodbye dreams, twas nice with you

"Goodbye dreams, twas nice with you"

Now there is a good songtitle lanterns! :)
I'm definitely sure Moz would approve.
Are these Berlin Live things usually 60 minutes shows? Shorter? Longer?
Hopefully there is someone who can record and upload the show...

Maybe testing with the Billy Corgan show for example?
Unbelieveable, the first people are in front of the Schwuz with THE LIST!
Blondie played at Schwuz for arte CONCERT BERLIN live in April this year. There were so many so called "VIP's" at the venue that ca. 200 registered people didn't come in... If you want to see Morrissey, you have to come very early. But for the front row ("the list") it might be too late already...

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