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Question Is This Actually Morrissey?

Came across this on Twitter today. It's supposed to be a pic of a young Morrissey. What do you think?


UPDATE Oct. 7:

Posted by Neil Barker in the comments:

Hi everyone. Glad you're all enjoying the photos!

The blonde woman is my auntie Susan (she didn't go out with Billy Duffy) and the other people are Carol (neither her nor Susan went out with Morrissey or Billy Duffy) and Carol's then boyfriend Mike.

It is 100% Morrissey though I agree that the first photo looks nothing like him.
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It's all good
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What's your problem? He's showing you some stuff you never saw before, and your first reaction is to have a go at him, and assume his feelings while doing so - why assume so much? You have literally never seen this before and you are questioning the motives from the get-go. What is wrong with you?

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
So when he’s not virtue-signaling, he’s drawing attention to himself by posting rare pictures of the very star he claims to be offended by. f*** him.

Cool pictures, though. Moz looks almost new romantic.


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That does not look like Morrissey.

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How old were you then? I was 8 in 79, what could I know? But it's suprising he was so close to the sign of the times.
I was 11.
Don’t see what all the fuss is about with Moz wearing a bit of lippy.
Duran Duran were at it for years 💋


Not Dave Hasbeen again?

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