Morrissey - "I'm unhappy, hope you're unhappy too."


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I don't know if this one was posted months or years ago, my main intention is to share this picture of Morrissey's note to James Dean to those people who haven't seen this yet. So, here it is.



Awww, a little cross. Cute.
So young and already inserting a Bowie reference, a Smiley (foreseeing his future addiction to the www? :cool:), and, upon my word, doesn't he even emulate Cocteau at the end? Such a well-rounded young man.
He put a lot of effort in that one, you can tell. I bet he knew it was going to end up in the crèche, and that we'd ooooh and aaaah.:p

Legacy. Legacy. Legacy. I do the same when I post here, I always think of the future awe, y'know...We all should.
If the whole of humanity is destroyed and only this site survives, we absolutely have to show the aliens we were intelligent, and, like, aware, and not remotely fooled by Existence. Exactly like Morrissey in this note to a Scottish bloke. Aye...


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Here's the scans of his pen pal letters -

"The following letters were written by pre-Smiths Morrissey, circa 1980/81, to his Scottish pen pal, Robert Mackie. After Morrissey’s ascent to fame, Mackie photocopied a selection of the received correspondence into a small booklet, made available to fans at the time for the cost of postage."


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Ah, so I was mistaken. This note is just written at the back of a James Dean photo and Morrissey sent this note to Robert Mackie?
I mean, the content should make it obvious that it wasn't to Dean...James Dean was neither Scottish, nor to my knowledge did he ever live in Glasgow..
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