Morrissey - House Of Blues: Westwood One FLAC (July 17, 2004)

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Here's a great quality gig for a dull Monday - enjoy.
Just mooching through the archive and not sure this has been shared here (someone correct me).
The quality is excellent indeed - which you'd expect with a Westwood silver disc source.
Some brief presenter talk.
This is from ST where it was first shared and subsequently hoovered up / re-shared by the usual bootleg sites.
Note: this is not the full gig, just what was prepared for radio / broadcast distribution.
Missing tracks struck through:

Let Me Kiss You / Shakespeare's Sister / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Jack The Ripper / Rubber Ring / I'm Not Sorry / First Of The Gang To Die / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / I Have Forgiven Jesus / All The Lazy Dykes / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Headmaster Ritual / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice // Irish Blood, English Heart

The PJLM write up:
After more than a month traveling here and there in Europe doing festivals,
Morrissey crossed the Atlantic for one date at the Blue Jam Sessions weekend
in Chicago, a festival aiming to raise money and awareness for music
education programs in America's (particularly Chicago's) public schools. The
concert was filmed, but it is unknown whether this was for Morrissey or the
festival. There was a radio broadcast however of 11 of these tracks, on
Chicago's WXRT the week after the concert.
Guitarist Jesse Tobias replaced Lil' Barry filling in Alain Whyte's shoes.
Morrissey was talkative and in a great mood, even if he had a go at American
politics and McDonalds. He mentioned that he was happy to be in Chicago, even
though it was the birthplace of McDonald's. When some people argued that it
wasn't, he insisted "Yes it is... yes it is!"
He asked if everyone had seen Farenheit 911, and if not then they should. He
also asked the fans not to vote for Bush in the upcoming election: "He's
brought so much shame to America, more than any other president in the
history of this country." He asked the audience that if they knew anyone who
were going to vote for him, to stop them, and to drug them on election day if
they had to. This was received with cheers as well as boos, prompting him to
ask his audience why some of them were booing.
Morrissey greeted his audience "I am glad to see you are all still alive."
The current single "First Of The Gang To Die" was dedicated to the New York
Dolls' Arthur 'Killer' Kane who had passed away just a few days earlier. He
said the man would be missed, and actually said that he was the fourth of the
gang to die.
Morrissey had a jab the lack of success of "You Are The Quarry" in America.
He said the album "reached #1 in many countries... of which this is not one."
He went on to say "Oh, well... you have your preferences... the feeling is
mutual." Besides that Morrissey did the usual band introduction and had the
usual chats with front row regular Julia Riley. He also pointed the
microphone to another fan in the front row, to ask her if she knew where
South Bend Indiana was (a show was being scheduled there for the fall).
There was one failed and one successful attempt to make it on stage, both
during the encore of "Irish Blood English Heart" (on the setlist as "Irish
Pub"). The shirt Morrissey wore when he returned for the encore ended up in
the crowd, just like a towel which he had used to wipe himself earlier.
There is no full version of this or any live boots to help fill in the gaps - so please enjoy it for what it is.
The abysmal image above (used in a review and taken at the venue) was harder to find than the music itself!
333 mb:


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Thanks for this. I had this about 5 iPods ago and loved it.

it's worth it for the version of Jack the Ripper alone, absolutely incredible.
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