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By davidt on Jan 26, 2013 at 4:12 PM
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    UPDATE Jan. 27, 1:15 AM PT:

    Uncleskinny posted the link:

    Update on Morrissey's condition in Metro Detroit hospital expected to come 'soon,' publicist says - MLive.com
    By Eric Lacy on January 26, 2013 at 3:56 PM, updated January 26, 2013 at 4:05 PM


    DETROIT, MI - An update on the health of English singer and lyricist Morrissey is expected to come Saturday afternoon or evening, his publicist told Mlive Detroit.

    Lauren Papapietro said in an e-mail sent 3:11 p.m. Saturday that Morrissey was admitted to Royal Oak's William Beaumont Hospital to undergo tests for a suspected bladder infection.

    She e-mailed back at 3:17 p.m. and wrote that she would have "an updated statement soon."

    Check Mlive Detroit later today for more updates.

    An anonymous person sends the link:

    Morrissey Hospitalized in Michigan - Billboard.com
    By David Greenwald | January 26, 2013 4:45 AM EST

    The singer is 'undergoing tests,' with a pair of tour dates postponed

    Morrissey has been hospitalized in Royal Oak, Mich.

    According to a rep for the singer, he was admitted to the William Beaumont hospital, "where he is undergoing tests for a suspected bladder infection."

    The former Smiths frontman canceled a date in Flint, Mich., on Jan. 24 and has postponed two additional shows. Several of his recent dates, including the night in Flint, had been rescheduled from last year when Morrissey interrupted his October tour to spend time with his hospitalized mother.

    Per a previous release, the current trio of dates had been canceled and postponed, respectively, thanks to a "band illness." The tour was initially expected to resume on Monday, though it is unclear if Morrissey's ailment will result in a further delay.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 26, 2013.

    1. PrttyGrlMksGrvs
      I do have tickets and ill still be going to Asheville tomorrow, I just won't be seeing him as he's planning to reschedule the dates. I'll continue to support him because I love his music. I do not love the way this was handled at all. It was irresponsible and inconsiderate for people holding tickets. I will never again pay to see him live because he has most certainly proved himself to be disappointing and unreliable, many times.
    2. PrttyGrlMksGrvs
      I do have a heart. I also have common sense. I live with stress daily. Having a special needs child will do that. I rarely get a break from his constant care. I feel like this, it was handled poorly. Period. And you would think that someone who is SO in tune with their emotions, would be pretty in tune to their bodies. He'll be could if bad some google it. It getting this far is totally preventable, as are most things. :) He and his people have been doing this far too long to act like amateurs.
    3. PrttyGrlMksGrvs
      He could have had someone google it. His pr people totally dropped the ball.
    4. Anonymous
      How in the world are tour decisions to be made if they were still waiting for a diagnosis? If it had turned out to be a bladder infection, as originally thought, more than likely the recovery time would have been much less than for a bleeding ulcer.

      I think most of us know what it's like to be waiting around a hospital for hours waiting to be tested, waiting for test results, waiting for conferring doctors, etc. Huge chunks of time pass with nothing to report to loved ones waiting for news, not to mention the confusion that can take place when various specialists are offering different diagnostic scenarios. It seems to me incredibly naive on your part to think Morrissey checked into the hospital and within two hours went through intake, testing and diagnosis, was issued a clear cut statement on his condition his people could easily whip into a press release, then make all necessary contact with the individuals concerned regarding tour decisions, as well as notify the venues. good grief -- let's not forget his band members are ill and his opening act's mother died friday.

      You claim to understand having a lot on your plate?? Then give him and his PR people a freaking break.
    5. PrttyGrlMksGrvs
      Lolololololololol wait, let me get this straight. You honestly think that Morrissey was waiting around in a hospital?! And a bleeding ulcer is not something that just happens. It takes a longtime for for something like that to form and with proper care and treatment can be avoided completely. They don't typically even test to give a diagnosis of it, if you can offer them symptoms. Which any idiot with a brain can. Lets just say worse case scenario. He went to the hospital, was immediately put in a suet with a private nurse and dr. They check his vitals. Yadda yadda. He gives them his symptoms and pain level. They make a diagnosis without testing. Because that's how it's typically done. He started on fluids and antibiotics. In case of a bacterial infection. Then they decide to do further testing. Which is worse case scenario done using endoscopy. He would of had many symptoms before it got to this point. Severe heartburn for an extended period of time. Medication for that. Nausea, vomiting, black stool, bloating, weight lose and severe abdominal pain. They would first go in and explore to see if there are any holes in the lining of the stomach caused by the ulcer. If not then lifestyle change (no smoking, drinking, limitingnthe use of pain killers and no dairy) would be suggested and would be treated with the antibiotic. If there is a hole in the lining of the stomach they would perform a laparoscopic procedure and clear that up. Hospital stay is typically 3 to 4 days. Stress alone doesn't typically cause bleeding ulcers. It's a combination of medications that throws off the acid levels in the stomach. Or smoking or taking pain pills drinking a lot of dairy. So in my opinion, he would have had a clear understanding of what was going on by Friday afternoon at the latest. They didn't say a word until late Sunday evening. His publicist is obviously an idiot and should be fired. As far as his band members to, from what I understand that was a flat out cover up for Morrissey himself being sick. It can absolutely be dangerous, but considering his plans to restart his tour in less than 2 weeks, it's the least serious scenario. Nothing life treatening and totally avoidable with proper care and medication.
    6. Anonymous
      The lololololololololololololol belongs to you and your absolutely bat shit crazy assumptions. In your opinion he would have known what was going on Friday?? It's such a stretch of reasoning to put together this little scenario of yours that I'll gladly give you the floor here since you need to convince yourself (for whatever reason) this is exactly what went down, even though all the evidence points to you clearly having no knowledge of the reality of a working hospital or any experience as a medical professional.

      Having said that, I'm glad someone who describes their life as being without a free moment found the time to work out 'what really happened' and then prolifically posted it all. Take care.
    7. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      It's not as simple as you think, really. My mom, who was a very healthy person at the time of her ulcer, had three symptoms - weight loss: which we thought was due to working a lot of overtime and the demands of her job that required her to do a lot of walking and not sitting. Being overly tired : Again, a new, vigorous, work schedule, and the other being pain in her legs: which we thought was due to the walking. Other than those symptoms, she felt fine.

      The other symptoms for which you speak of happened the day she collapsed - nausea/vomiting, severe abdominal pain, etc.. The night before, she had taken aspirin for the pain in her legs. The doctor told her the aspirin probably caused the ulcer to open more which made her bleed profusely over night. Apparently, she was losing small amounts of blood daily for a few weeks, though. Small enough that she wouldn't have noticed it and there wouldn't have been enough "warning".

      She spent a week in the hospital and was given seven pints of blood. Not 3 or 4 days. It took her several weeks to finally feel better. She nearly died - with very little warning. And, yes, the doctor said her ulcer was largely due to stress.

      Look, I agree his PR people handled this poorly. All this shit about him being missing and not knowing if he's okay or not was absolutely the most unprofessional way of going about this. The drama created alone was ridiculous. They should have just let us know a little more as a lot of people had to drive or fly very far distances to see this show. And, not only that, but they should have just said he was still in the hospital undergoing tests - that would have been enough. They didn't have to go into great detail. I mean, don't make up a load of unbelievable crap like "We don't know where he is..."

      As for Morrissey, if his ulcer is anything like what my mom went through, and I hope not, he may very well have not known what was happening until it did happen. EDIT: I should point out, because it isn't obvious to you, that the man needs time to heal and get his strength back.

      I know you're upset, but you're not the only one who's been holding tickets since June to see this show or has been cancelled on before. In short, give it a rest - you're not the only disappointed soul here.
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    8. ADAM
      Wow... a woman with an autistic child who is more insulated and narcissistic than my "ass-pie" (I mean Asperger's/autistic) partner! Lady, go get on some facking medication yourself STAT. Münchausen-syndrome-by-proxy Mommy heal thyself, you heartless wench. You're lashing out at Morrissey simply because you know in your heart you wish you had swallowed instead of passing your hideous genes onward, and now you have to pay the price (i.e. your entire miserable life). Enjoy!
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    9. Peterb
      Christ Adam, that is a harsh post. This internet business certainly allows us to more aggressive and spiteful than we ever would be face to face.
    10. ADAM
      Nope, I can be pretty harsh in public, as well. She comes off like an entitled cow, and she uses her little crotch-monkey as a shield. ("Oh, that poor kid's Mommy can demand whatever she wants because her poor, precious kid has 'special needs'.) The lesson of "November Spawned A Monster" is totally lost on this loony, entitled "Mommy Dearest".

      I had to eat cancellation fees for this show, and I'm not griping up a storm. FFS - Morrissey is genuinely ill, and I just hope he gets better even if he never re-schedules these dates. He doesn't owe me anything at all. That kvetching, moaning sow just won't STFU, and, right now, I am not the one.
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    11. Anonymous
      If you pay somebody for something (in this case, a pop concert) you're entitled to expect that you'll receive it as agreed. If the person you made the contract with doesn't uphold their end of the bargain, you're entitled be pissed off and, at the very least, to be told why.

      Passive acceptance isn't something to be proud of.

      Awwww... how sweet. More fool you.
    12. straighttohell
      Hi Ashely. Nice to meet you :)

    13. Anonymous

      Discharged on Monday, so yeah -- I honestly think he was waiting around in the hospital, but don't let that get in the way of your paranoid delusions.
    14. Anonymous
      Yeah, because multi-millionaire pop stars who can afford to pay for immediate medical attention do that.
    15. mcrickson
      He's not a "pop star." He hasn't been for like twenty years now.
    16. Anonymous
      He sings pop songs and his a high public profile (relative to, say, you) for doing so; that makes him a pop star (albeit waning). Shall we just settle for calling him a wannabe pop star?
    17. mcrickson
      No, he doesn't. He sings rock songs and songs that used to be popular in a rock style. Pop isn't what Morrissey says it is, believe it or not. Case and point: he cannot secure a major label recording deal.

      said anonymous.

    18. Anonymous
      "Rock" is a sun-genre of pop music. He's a commercial entertainer who makes music for a mass audience in return for money.

      There really should be a Morrissey-solo equivalent of Godwin's Law for people on here who childishly say, "you're anonymous," when someone who hasn't signed in says something they don't like.

    19. Anonymous
      OH MY GOD SO AWESOME. Hi Adam! You're back!!

      -love, a friend of yours from the city where you did a barrel roll out of a taxicab after Our Boy <3
    20. mcrickson
      No, it's not, actually. Not all rock is pop.

      So that must mean that the music he makes is of the pop genre. Naturally.

      Not something they don't like, just something that is stupid.

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