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By davidt on Jan 26, 2013 at 4:12 PM
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    UPDATE Jan. 27, 1:15 AM PT:

    Uncleskinny posted the link:

    Update on Morrissey's condition in Metro Detroit hospital expected to come 'soon,' publicist says - MLive.com
    By Eric Lacy on January 26, 2013 at 3:56 PM, updated January 26, 2013 at 4:05 PM


    DETROIT, MI - An update on the health of English singer and lyricist Morrissey is expected to come Saturday afternoon or evening, his publicist told Mlive Detroit.

    Lauren Papapietro said in an e-mail sent 3:11 p.m. Saturday that Morrissey was admitted to Royal Oak's William Beaumont Hospital to undergo tests for a suspected bladder infection.

    She e-mailed back at 3:17 p.m. and wrote that she would have "an updated statement soon."

    Check Mlive Detroit later today for more updates.

    An anonymous person sends the link:

    Morrissey Hospitalized in Michigan - Billboard.com
    By David Greenwald | January 26, 2013 4:45 AM EST

    The singer is 'undergoing tests,' with a pair of tour dates postponed

    Morrissey has been hospitalized in Royal Oak, Mich.

    According to a rep for the singer, he was admitted to the William Beaumont hospital, "where he is undergoing tests for a suspected bladder infection."

    The former Smiths frontman canceled a date in Flint, Mich., on Jan. 24 and has postponed two additional shows. Several of his recent dates, including the night in Flint, had been rescheduled from last year when Morrissey interrupted his October tour to spend time with his hospitalized mother.

    Per a previous release, the current trio of dates had been canceled and postponed, respectively, thanks to a "band illness." The tour was initially expected to resume on Monday, though it is unclear if Morrissey's ailment will result in a further delay.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 26, 2013.

    1. Anonymous
      Yeh a bunch of blue fucking roses
    2. sammka

      Not a private clinic, but whatever, I'm sure a bladder infection couldn't kill you.

      Oh wait:

    3. Anonymous
      DIDCOT FEB 16

      Don't you dare cancel I've promised the kids this since its announcement.
      Should be fit as a butchers
    4. Uncleskinny
    5. Anonymous
      Someone who's speedy recovery is of extreme importance. These tours are covered by insurance, and I'm sure that the insurance company, those employed on the tour, the fans, and Morrissey himself want this to be as short a delay as is possible.
    6. Anonymous
      Ha! Very Funny ;-)
    7. sammka
      The father of a good friend of mine spent over a week in a coma in the hospital because of a bladder infection that went systemic. He took a few more weeks to get over the medication-induced dementia and muscle atrophy caused by him being in a coma. He was in his 60s, not much older than Moz is right now.

      Bladder infections can be benign, but they can also be pretty serious. If they've progressed to a certain point before effective antibiotics are started, they can be life threatening.
    8. klaus
      That happened to my friend once because he got poop in his pee hole. Ow.
    9. Anonymous
      Hang on a minute I can't keep up with all this meltdown what is going on ? Does anyone know the reall truth ?

      Quote "Morrissey would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience and wishes his band a speedy recovery!" From True to Spew

      Boz has a cold and sore throat as well as a dodgy arm

      Boz passes his germs on to the band who then get caught having a crafty fag side of the tour bus

      Kristeen Youngs Mother dies

      Morrissey is having a baby and has a piss infection.

      It's very difficult being a fan of Morrissey my head hurts help!
    10. Anonymous
      And how did he do that then ??

      Note. The importance of personal hygiene. I can't believe the amount of times I have seen blokes not only after having a pee but also coming out of the traps
      and fail to wash their hands and then put their hands on the door handle to exit the loo! Its not just men the wife says she's seen the same in the ladies.
      And then all the clean people use the door handle to exit the loo its disgusting. I feel ill now.
    11. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      And here I thought Morrissey would be the bottom!

      Tisk tisk. This is nothing a loaf of bread and a saucer of water can't cure...
    12. CrystalGeezer
      My dad got one of those really bad once and he doesn't put his wiener in butts. It's fucking painful. When the Azo doesn't do shit (I kept staring at it in the Barrows cupboard all week) its time to see a doctor. Feel better Mozzy :flowers:
    13. bluemask68
      Why in the world woud his rep release such a foolish statement.
      I sure wouldn't want it to be public knowledge if I has a bladder infection.
      Just say he's in the hospital.
    14. Anonymous
      This does not apply to men.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      A clean nutsack gets you further in life.
    16. Anonymous
      Your right send for the bread with the powerful healing ingredients and also the Cranberry juice, and tonight at the stroke of midnight (UK)
      let us break the bread eat it and say "Get well soon oh thy blessed Morrissey one"
      Again we shall drink the cranberry cup and say "Get well soon oh thy blessed Morrissey one"

      That should do it. Oh an cut down on the vegetables and eat some meat, get some liver down you its full of iron.
    17. Anonymous
      Yes and also practice safe sex always wear a condom and keep that pecker clean as the age old saying goes"Look afterthe pecker and the pecker will look after you"
    18. CrystalGeezer
      What's with you and all the bread comments? Are you like some disgruntled Smiths fan baker? Or are you referencing the Eucharist?
    19. Anonymous
      He is trying to say that morrissey has a vagina.

      I laughed.
    20. Anonymous
      Sorry but if you are not in the loop then you can't be a true fan. And it can't be explained.

      There are not many who know of "The Bread" and its powers, so just trust the reall fans to get this sorted ok, thanks.

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