Morrissey: Honey You Know Where To Find Me 12" for RSD, April 18, 2020

UPDATE Feb. 21:

An anonymous person posted the link to upcoming releases at Bull Moose:

Morrissey - Honey, You Know Where To Find Me - Bull Moose
UPC: 4050538587784
Release Date: 6/19/2020
Vinyl 10"


I really don't like rumour mongering, but the information is a bit more tangible than some of the things asserted here recently.
I've had 2 good sources now state that Honey You Know Where To Find Me is the Record Store Day release this year. My record store rep just told me similar.
Combine that with the following:

Here's the List of Record Store Day 2020 Releases Revealed So Far

And it looks very positive.
No idea about B-sides (as described as a 12"). The formats described can change before the official announcements - so keep that in mind too.


Again, please take this as a rumour - more information as it becomes available (note: Lover-To-Be featured in the same way on the unofficial list - quickly becoming a reality).
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A necessary bump unfortunately.
Speculative article, but a reasonable source.
Looking possible that RSD is going to be delayed (June?) - early days yet and only a bit of evidence to support it, but worth noting:

Now confirmed - Record Store DAy has been officially delayed until June 20th. Great - just after I booked the day off work so I could queue up and buy one of these f***ers!
Just received this on said item:
We wanted to let you know that the release date has changed for the item that you preordered. The new release date is: Thursday, Dec 31, 2020.

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