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    1. Anonymous
      I don't understand why Mark Simpson is such an idiot. I felt cheated when I bought his terrible, gay-biased book and now, he chimes in again. I scanned his blog when I came to, "...if memory serves me right, with a copy of Morrissey’s 2005 album Ringleader of the Tormentors on his desk." Of course, "Ringleader of the Tormentors" was released in 2006. WOULD IT KILL YOU TO VERIFY ANYTHING? This seems to be some sort of fad, much like this website, no one verifies ANYTHING ANYMORE. A simple google search would help you all, greatly. You're a sloppy, piss-poor writer and you're embarrassing yourself and Morrissey. Please stop. I can't be bothered to read the rest of your blog.
    2. Anonymous
      David Cameron at Salford Lads Club is like seeing that evil Smiths fan character that appears in one or two films by Mike Leigh. I think Moz struggles to come to terms with a world that somehow lacks clear opposition between political ideas. All parties are the same these days and therefor Moz tries to stir up old debates that were buried long ago.
      With ageing comes the realisation that old views and ideas are no longer part of the everyday agenda anymore. I just think he struggles with growing older and accepting that he is a man of the past cause he seems to be completely out of touch when in the past he always seemed to say something interesting.
    3. Anonymous
      It's hard to take him seriously when he gets ROTT release year wrong and seems to call the 80s the last decade of the 19th century (without irony - just a mistake?)

      Poor Mark Simpson. The hagiography was an adolescent read. And his blog doesn't even manage accurate facts
    4. Anonymous
      Great article! And so true
    5. Anonymous
      You should read the other books from Mark Simpson. You get to read things like "it is more natural for a man to have sex with another man than with a woman" and "tranvestites try to be better women". This puts women hatred in comments on this website into perspective and why it is not granted to women to decide over their own body and thus also which sex practises they wish to perform. How dare they say that they don't want to do the homosexual things. Certainly a big step backwards as far as women rights are concerned or rather their regard by homosexual men and their sympathisers.
    6. ...Sheridan...
      Someone desperately craves sucking certain Mozza's body parts. Shameless, that "author" one.
    7. Anonymous
      Here in Sweden the gay movement is setting the agenda for everything these days and to be a white middle aged heterosexual man is seen as controversial.

    8. Anonymous
      One thing is nearly right in that article, the closing sentiment, which I'd amend to 'Morrissey hasn't changed or grown up, much of his audience from the 80s and 90s have'
    9. Anonymous
      Good to know. Thanks.
    10. Anonymous
      This is what Simpson wrote: "Because the 80s is the decade that actually ended the 20th Century – the 90s was just an after-party clean-up operation – it’s also the decade that never came to an end itself. In fact, the 80s just won’t go away."

      Impossible to misunderstand. And yet you somehow managed.
    11. Anonymous
      Agreed, not changing or growing up is not a compliment
    12. celibate
      Mark Simpson writes a blog about david cameron, england's highest politician, because he likes the Smiths

      try again Mark, perheaps mr. Fry
    13. Anonymous
      The current Solo users are the ones who started following Morrissey after the 2004 "comeback". A very few of them know much about Morrissey and the history. Like Mark Simpson said, Morrissey hasn't changed - the fans have! Study your Smiths & Morrissey history; the films, the bands, record labels, influences, etc.
    14. Anonymous
      Eric Cantona would disagree!
    15. Anonymous
      Best thing written about Morrissey so far this century. Not only is it smart (ask any 18-year-old about the 80s; ask yourself whether you even know the name of this decade, or the last one), and accurate (asking what year ROTT was released is laugh out loud sad), Mark Simpson's article is funny. As in humorous-- Dryly richly funny like the lyrics of you know who. Speaking of which, wouldn't it be nice if the comments on this web site were more often sparked with wit?
    16. kittenboss
      I think we are often over protective and fearful to criticise but truth is this IS a good article. Our Moz DOES say some crap things but we stick by him. Just because he is who he is does not mean he cannot be a twat on ocassion. and yeah it IS embarassing....BUT we also respect him because he has the GUTS to say this stuff...regardless of what a twat he looks...I love him to death and always will and he can be an arse but I dont care...I love him for being that individual who is so different and not stuck in a box. he just does not fucking care! he does not need our sycophancy but he deserves our respect. we "get" him. we "love" him. we "forgive" him.
    17. Anonymous
      You respect him because he's embarrassing and talks shite? I don't respect him for exactly the same reasons.

      Takes all sorts, I suppose.
    18. Anonymous
      No - he's changed it. It said "ended the 19th century" AND got the release year of ROTT wrong to boot.
    19. Anonymous
      I didn't misunderstand anything - Mark Simpson has amended his blog posts, which originally claimed the 80s was the 'last decade of the 19th century' (!) and he has left the 2005 release date for ROTT in place!

      He's a very drab and childish writer. Dull indeed.

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