Morrissey has hired Susan Blond as his PR agency partner

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By The Seeker of Good Songs on Aug 11, 2012 at 7:45 AM
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    Susan Blond Wins This Charming Man, Other Big Clients - PRNewser

    By Patrick Coffee on August 9, 2012 4:23 PM

    Top New York-based agency Susan Blond Inc., which specializes in representing creative professionals and lifestyle brands, recently expanded its considerable portfolio with some big names, most significantly that of pop singer, former Smiths leader and asexual icon Morrissey.

    While Morrissey has seen his share of scandals in recent years, he remains a top concert draw around the world, and his signing is a major get for Susan Blond. Other new clients announced in a company email include the reform-minded nonprofit Correctional Association of New York, high-end jeweler Avianne & Company, tech production school The SAE Institute and expanding New York pizza chainlet L’asso.

    Blond, a Manhattan art-world veteran and former Warhol superstar, has transformed herself into one of the city’s biggest PR personalities over more than four decades of work in the field. These most recent announcements ensure that her agency will remain a top destination for edgy, creative brands.
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    1. Anonymous
      "While Morrissey has seen his share of scandals..."
      Not sure about this. Scandal? No. Never really heard much about scandal as pertaining to Morrissey. The Smiths/Mike Joyce situation was ugly, for sure; but not scandalous. To me, scandal denotes dishonesty and shady, illegal activity. Joyce aside, that is not Morrissey.
      Controversy? That might be more like it. Morrissey makes no bones about his controversial views and his outspoken ideologies.
      I would definitely equate Morrissey with controversy. Not so much scandal.
    2. tylerevansokay
      Yes because coming to Dallas on his last 3 tours was really playing off the beaten path.
    3. tylerevansokay
      Didn't say I'd never heard of it. It's just out of the way.
    4. Anonymous
      so he has played in Dallas on his last three tours and you feel hard done to????

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