Morrissey has hired Susan Blond as his PR agency partner

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    Susan Blond Wins This Charming Man, Other Big Clients - PRNewser

    By Patrick Coffee on August 9, 2012 4:23 PM

    Top New York-based agency Susan Blond Inc., which specializes in representing creative professionals and lifestyle brands, recently expanded its considerable portfolio with some big names, most significantly that of pop singer, former Smiths leader and asexual icon Morrissey.

    While Morrissey has seen his share of scandals in recent years, he remains a top concert draw around the world, and his signing is a major get for Susan Blond. Other new clients announced in a company email include the reform-minded nonprofit Correctional Association of New York, high-end jeweler Avianne & Company, tech production school The SAE Institute and expanding New York pizza chainlet L’asso.

    Blond, a Manhattan art-world veteran and former Warhol superstar, has transformed herself into one of the city’s biggest PR personalities over more than four decades of work in the field. These most recent announcements ensure that her agency will remain a top destination for edgy, creative brands.
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    1. Anonymous
      Just a matter of opinion. I prefer ANY of his solo output to The Smiths. It's all about personal taste, so those pompous sweeping statements where you claim to speak for the world are misguided at best and infantile at worst. In any case, they are utterly meaningless.
    2. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      The Smiths are iconic, indeed, but only because every band from that genre of music in the 80's wanted to BE The Smiths. It is because of the lyrics, Morrissey's image, and his very crisp voice that made them so unique and unbeatable in the first place. His solo career has lasted this long because Morrissey continued to be the image that people loved when he was in The Smiths throughout the ninties. It wasn't until 2004 that he really started to "change" lyrically and musically. His image really didn't change, but the music did and his personality, which I think became stronger, changed as well. He didn't seem so "fragile" anymore, so to speak (though he never really was.) He even made loads of new fans around that time. As for the last two albums - he has said they are two of the best he's ever made and he's very proud of them.

      On the one hand, Morrissey has fans who cling to the image from the 80's and they still want that from him - even though he is simply just not that person any longer. On the other hand, he has fans who have changed with him through the years who accept him and still enjoy the's really that simple.

      Three times you said "He knows" - well, how the hell do YOU know?? You can assume all you want, but frankly, it's bullshit. :rolleyes:
    3. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Well said.
    4. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      It seems to irritate you even more that someone might criticise your tin god. Your brand of blind loyalty Is in my opinion a significant reason why Morrissey has no record deal. He appears to surround himself with yes men like you. Some of those clips of others interacting with him durinng the downtime between the Studio In Session tracks are excrutiating. It didn't work for Elvis, and it won't work for Morrissey.

      Longevity does not equate to quality in any walk of life, pop music included. Paul McCartney was a Beatle for seven-ish years, and has pursued his own career path for over forty years. Few people, except perhaps Alan Partridge, would claim his post Fab Four career has come close to his days as a Beatle.

      Last night another sixties great, Ray Davies, performed one of the great songs in the English pop music songbook, Waterloo Sunset, at the Olympic closing ceremony. He too has failed to eclipse his days with the Kinks.

      Both those greats suffer from the absolute magnificence of went before. So does Morrissey. You know, over on the thread announcing the Hatful Of Hollow vinyl there is a post which says something along the lines of "oh, I've heard of that. Is it any good?" Nothing quite screams modern Morrissey fan like that. It would be like a McCartney fan asking if Revolver is worth a listen.

      Morrissey, to his great credit, has a small handful of songs which would sit well alongside Smiths tracks. Suedehead, EDILS and their b-sides spring to mind. He has produced many fine solo works, it is just that his hit rate is dropping alarmingly, and his lyrics, the thing he is famous for, are a pale shadow of what went before.

      I don't expect you to notice as you sound to me as dumb as a post, and ven in the event you did you are so Used to arse licking him you wouldn't have the balls to say so.

      Smiths music was thoughtful, clever, beautiful and inspiring. For the most part it attracted thoughtful, clever, beautiful and inspiring people. Morrissey's music, particularly post Quarry, is now stomping, trite, obvious, bitter and smartarse. For the most part it attracts similar people.

      Morrissey should have stayed in Britain. He would have less money in the bank but would have retained his rightful position as a national treasure. His pronouncements smack of desperation, a desperation borne of the unspoken certainty in his own mind that unless he takes immediate remedial action he will spend the rest of his life peddling his greatest hits to hipster Bolivians.
    5. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn

      You patently know fuck all about the Smiths.
    6. Anonymous
      here here, could not agree more.
      as a lyricist as a poet as a songwriter his solo material, by and large, soars beyond the Smiths.
    7. Thesmithsmorrissey
      bold words coming from the guy with a sun dial for an avatar.

      Oh, okay. So now I'm a "blind loyalist"? And why is that? Because I kicked horseshit in the eyes of your original statement where you proceeded to try and speak for us all about gripes we've heard a thousand times better from others who pass through these forums? Fairly obvious you're the one who has the chip on his shoulder in this argument. It's not like anyone has come out of the woodwork to support your house of cards theory

      Find me a band or musician -- outside of R.E.M. -- who didn't/doesn't

      It won't work for him...when? AFTER his successful 25 year solo career, you mean?

      Nobody said it did. But if you take a look at he attendance of his recent solo shows, I'd say more than a few people are still interested in what he's doing

      Any yet I'm pretty sure I could find a significant army of people who would be happy to tell you that the stuff you post is rife with bullshit

      Blah blah blah. The Olympics are over. Move along

      Actually, the magnificence of what he did before his solo career is exactly what's enabled him to have a solo career for a quarter century now. If anyone seems out of touch, it's you...unable to let go of something that happened 25 years ago and missing out on a lot of brilliance that followed, proving Morrissey was no "one-trick pony"

      but feel free to tell Morrissey the next time you see him that you don't think he has a right to a solo career just because you don't like his solo stuff as opposed to his Smiths stuff. Take a camera with you so you can youtube that exchange for us

      Boy, I must have been the only one who read that comment in the Hatful thread and chuckled at what I supposed was complete and utter sarcasm

      His hit rate according to you. He has a hit -- or several hits -- every time he releases an album. Again, you're basing his entire solo career on the last five years or so, which have still seen more than its fair share of successes. Successes even you can't put up an argument against. So stick it

      Sooo...I like to lick his arse so much I don't have the balls to say so. Gotcha. Let me try to get my head around that one, Capernicus

      Blah blah blah blah blah, we're done here. Nothing original being said

      ...yelled Barleycorn as they dragged him kicking and screaming back to his "angry at Morrissey" bubble. Thanks for stopping by
    8. Rowntree

      I think that musically Morrissey hasn't come close to anything that The Smiths did, doesn't mean that he hasn't been brilliant personally as much of his solo output vocally and lyrically has obviously been just as good, I just can't think of too much musically that would measure up with what Johnny produced. I think The Smiths are the best band that ever existed so it's no great shame to come second to that.

      Anyway, the PR woman...

      He could do with one. She might point out to him that if he stops pissing off masses of the population he might sell a few records. I like him saying what he likes whether I agree with him or not but if he wants to sell records he'll have to button it a bit 'cause most people don't like him because of his mouth, not because of his music.

      One last thing, his sales figures won't be through the roof of late because his last couple of albums haven't been very accessible on top of him having a right mouth on him. If he wants to be popular, as he no doubt still does, just fucking stop talking bollocks about the Olympics and Norway, write a few good songs and employ somebody who will write good music rather than do as he's told.
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    9. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      That isn't a sun dial. That is a face within the sun that is featured as the album cover of a compilation album entitled 'John Barleycorn Reborn'. Even if it was a sundial, though, I don't see how that would reflect either way on the validity of his statement.

      I support the majority of his initial statement with the exception of I honestly believe Morrissey isn't faking his favoritism for his last 3 albums. I know he believes it. He's certainly said it enough times, made enough lists about it, thrown enough fits when he hasn't had a #1 (going as far as to describe 'The Youngest Was The Most Loved' as a sure-fire #1 and a "gift to any label" in a tirade), and fills 1/3 of his setlist with songs from them.

      Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush, The Cure, Lou Reed, Björk, Neko Case, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Aimee Mann, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young...all well-known, generally respected artists who are secure enough with their talents, who make the music they want without worrying about their chart positions or if people welcome their work with open arms. Even if I don't like some of their music, I have endless respect for them as being true artists. These are people who create for the sake of creation whether it nets them a profit or not. As much as Morrissey likes to claim he's an artist, I just don't buy it. An artist would/should care more about their art than the recognition and praise you could get from it.

      Morrissey's sole reasoning for NOT having a record contract is, and he's said this himself, he wants to be promoted in the competitive market for optimum success. Really? So his fanbase means so little to him and his "art" means so little to him he'd rather NOT record than become a mature artist not trying to compete in the Pop game with the likes of Jedward, Justin Bieber and Kanye West? If anything, it makes him look even more pathetic by being continually ousted from his precious #1 spot by even worse music.

      I liken Morrissey to a misguided high school student who joins the chess team in hope of getting laid.

      Obviously, he hasn't been surrounded by YES men his entire career...but he's spent most of it kicking people to the curb that were actually beneficial to his sound and success in favor of people who dress how he wants them to dress, eat how he wants them to eat, take the pay he gives them and keep their mouth shut.

      Need you look any further than at the oustings of Stephen Street, Alain Whyte, Gary Day, Spencer Cobrin, Mikey Farrell, and Jo Slee?

      People are always going to be interested in seeing him live...that has very little, if anything, to do with his newest material or his unreleased material and you know that.

      Present them.

      What does that have to do with his point of Ray Davies being overshadowed by The Kinks? It directly relates to Morrissey.

      So you're admitting that without being able to continually coast on the reputation of the Smiths he wouldn't have a solo career?

      Time and The Smiths have very little to do with it. Quality has everything to do with it...this wasn't a ridiculously prevalent issue until 2006.

      That's not what he said. And really, what the fuck would Morrissey do? He wouldn't do shit. He would walk on by and have his hairdresser assure him that 'Art-hounds' is superior to it's Smiths equivalent 'Cemetry Gates' as he massages hot oil up the back of his thighs and buttocks.

      I agree. He completely missed the point of that post.

      To be fair, you're not looking at it in context.

      Quarry - #2 UK Charts. 400,000 copies sold. 'IB,EH' (Whyte) - #3, 'FOTGTD' (Whyte) - #6, 'LMKY' (Whyte) - #8, 'IHFJ' (Whyte) - #10
      Ringleader - #1 UK Charts. 250,000 copies sold. 'YHKM' (Tobias) - #3, 'TYWTML' (Tobias) - #14, 'ITFWAW' (Tobias) - #17, 'IJWTSTBH' (Tobias) - #16
      Refusal - #3 UK Charts. 88,000 copies sold. 'ITMAAP' (Boorer) - #21, 'SISMS' (Whyte) - #46

      Then you have the flop of the 'Greatest Hits' record, the flop of 'Swords', the flop of 'The Very Best Of Morrissey', the flop re-releases of 'Bona Drag', 'Viva Hate', "Everyday Is Like Sunday", "Glamorous Glue", and that awful remix of "Suedehead".

      Until recently, Morrissey had not faced Chart failure since 1997. The last 6 records/singles released with his name attached and with his participation have at best made it as high as #42.

      So, while he may have experienced what was a career high for him in the last decade, he's also reached a career statistically worse than the one he was in when 'Maladjusted' drove him away for 7 years.

      That isn't how you spell Copernicus. Not to mention, you'd be better off referencing a philosopher than an astronomer. Just sayin'.

      Did you close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears as you said that?

      I don't think so.
    10. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      You're about as interesting as the weather. Your argument is just as pointless. Kindly fuck off.
    11. DAVIE
      Morrissey's solo stuff is great. It's only his last album Years Of Refusal that was naff. If anything, the failure of his album should be the "kick up the arse", so he can change. Musically "Scandanavia" should the new direction forward, though I doubt he's going to take it under his wing and run with it.
    12. tylerevansokay
      He should hire a new booker for this tour, too. Wichita Falls, TX? Pharr?
    13. VivaGil
      Because you,ve never heard of pharr doesn't mean it's a place he shouldn't play. When you're available to 1.2 million people plus anyone from mexico who wants to come watch the show how is that undeserving. Let's let him schedule another oakland date. Having travled and lived in europe and all over the united states I actually apreciate the city I live in. /rant over
    14. Thesmithsmorrissey
    15. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
    16. Thesmithsmorrissey
      that's rich coming from the guy whose posts I skip over because they smack of retardation. Is anything the poor man's Skylarker said back there worth reading or replying to? Let me check


      Oh wow, Bruce Springsteen is a credible musician who doesn't care about what his fans think or chart placement

    17. Anonymous
      if you had any knowledge at all of Morrissey you would know that Morrissey has always played in places off the beaten track.
    18. Skylarker
      I agree with Viva's points in that post 100 percent.

      You don't like Springsteen, but your sig post is a Geto Boys quote.

      I rest my case.
    19. celibate
      try Will & Grace

      Hope Susan Blond can give Morrissey a more positive PR, and tells him not to
      talk about issues which are ' not done' .
    20. Anonymous
      Ah... his solo career is petering out.... again.

      Until the next time he bounces back.

      25 years into a solo career that was never supposed to be a success. When will he learn???

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