Morrissey - Hammersmith Odeon video - October 4th, 1991 - REPOST ?

Would anyone mind posting this show in good quality?
Hate to drag up old stuff, but it's an awesome show and I only have a crappy version.

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Morrissey - Hammersmith Odeon video - October 4th, 1991
I've posted this before, so for those of you that missed it originally, here are all 20 songs. The gig was filmed for Japanese TV, so the quality is very good. Enjoy - The Loop - Suedehead - Mute Witness - Our Frank - King Leer - Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together - Asian Rut - I've Changed My Plea To Guilty - Everyday Is Like Sunday - Disappointed - Piccadilly Palare - My Love Life - Sing Your Life - Interesting Drug - Driving Your Girlfriend Home - Alsatian Cousin - Pregnant For The Last Time - November Spawned A Monster - Sister, I'm A Poet - Last Of The Famous International Playboys
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