Morrissey Hair Thread

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧


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Re: Morrissey hair help

Dude...where did yo come from, seriously ? It seems like you bash Morrissey in all of your posts. I am sure you can go elsewhere to entertain yourself.

cornelius blaze

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Re: Morrissey hair help

Well, then the problem is with. If you fail to overlook posts you don't like and fail to use the ignore feature, why are you whining?



I don't owe you anything.
Hi Abrahan with an N!

Looking for some pics of Mozz in Google, I found your's and I think you're gorgeous...! Please let me chat with u!!

clippers fans fans of abe's hair hair hair club for men j-loc > all just shave it off lotza uglee b'tchas pomade rub it in
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