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everytime I go to a barber I try to explain to them to make my hair somewhat like a moz pomp, but it never works out quite right; is it really so hard for a man to get a decent haircut from a barber?
how do you describe it?

i tell them to do a low fade on the sides and to cut shorter in the back and longer in the front.


Re: Morrissey hair help

So, here is my current 'pomp'. It's reaching the tipping point and I'll have to go to my burning barber next week for a trepidatious trim.

As for 'technique'? A combination of gravity (top tip ~ style upside down with your head below your knees!), TRESemmé Freeze-Hold Hairspray, and...magic fingers :thumb:
you remind me of elvis costello...

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Re: Moz's quiff makes a list of iconic hairstyles

along with Mrs Slocombe. "If Im not home at the stroke of seven,my pussy starts clawing at my busy lizzy!"
Re: Moz's quiff makes a list of iconic hairstyles

I know I am a world behind but I have a reasonably decent quiff. I can share the gold.

I wash my hair (SHOCK HORROR).
I slap on some Brylcreem Original when my hair is still wet. Add a decent amount (but not too much).
I brush my hair back and towel dry it vigorously.
(OPTIONAL) I add a very small amount of Dax Washable Wax and style as desired.
It gives an effect a bit like this:

joe frady

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Re: Morrissey hair help

i know it's over


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Re: Morrissey hair help

i trimmed down a bigger image, hence the stupid face. but i agree that you dont really need product. i just run my hands through my hair and make it stand up


Re: Morrissey hair help

When did Morrissey get a bald spot?!

It's been what...two years since he was onstage? A lot can happen in two years, after 50.

Go easy on him. He's the reason we're here.

Plus, I'm balding.


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Re: Morrissey hair help

He has a lot of hair for his age, if my balding friends in their 30s is any indication. Doesn't matter though. He'd look amazing monk bald, any bald. To me anyway. :o

Moot, init? (They say "Two minutes.":thumb:)
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