Morrissey guest DJ on SiriusXM 1st Wave this week?

I was listening to 1st Wave this morning around 6:50am.
Sluggo announced that MORRISSEY would be the Guest DJ all this week alongside Richard Blade beginning at 3pm Pacific.

Quando quando quando

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Watch out for those commas: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

You are very correct sir, or madam or whatever.
As many people there are, who don't like to be corrected on any grammar or punctuation errors, I don't belong to them.
Thanks, appreciated! :thumb:

Ketamine Sun

all this week? I can't imagine M going there everyday and putting up with dull Blade for a whole week. Maybe he'll just send him a list of songs to play, would be more realistic.

and Joanna Newsom ?

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