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Did anyone else hear Graham Gouldman (10cc etc) on the Suzi Quattro show yesterday? His voice was so close to Morrissey's I had to put my ear to the radio just to make sure it wasn't Mozzer 'imself. It's unsurprising really since they both hale from the Salford area. Not only was the accent similar, I thought the words and phrasing he used were remarkably close to Morrissey's use of the language. Sounds a nice chap.

Nb Gouldman wrote 'East West' as recorded by Morrissey. (bonus track to "Ouija Board, Ouija Board")
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oooh interesting..
*has a listen*
hmm, similar to young, nervous Moz,
you are right on the phrasing and use of language.

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man, i love suzi quatro, anyone ever seen the clip of her playing squash against leo sayer? it's pretty rad!

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Wait...Pinkie Tuscadero's little sister Leather? --- THAT Suzi Quatro? From the Pleasure Seekers? She has a BBC radio show? Who knew!
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