morrissey gone soft?


what`s happened to moz ? once he sang about " spineless bastard`s " and " meat is murder " " nuclear war " " america is not the world "( even though he spend`s most of his time there ) , the waste america deposits in MEXICO , now he`s singing about a " university staircase " the hatred of getting married " kick the bride " and " not being a man ", WELL I WONDER !!! , WAITED FIVE YEARS FOR THIS !!!!:lbf:


Re: morrissey gone soft ?

I wouldn't put much stock in notions of being "soft" or otherwise and I doubt Morrissey does either.
However, there is a song on the album about someone wishing the entire population of Scandinavia burns while their children cry and die in asylums, so if you want that kind of thing, knock yourself out...

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Re: morrissey gone soft ?

I'm sure Morrissey can get a Cialis prescription for that...


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Re: morrissey gone soft ?

There's no one on earth he's afraid of.

He's not soft. He's got Irish blood and an English heart. The man is a natural born scrapper!

For the record, too, marriage is terrifying. TERRIFYING!
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