Morrissey goes to the dentist

Ketamine Sun

Now, today, tomorrow and always
Yes, the energy entered the root cavity and you are now pregnant. Congratulations. Your many questions are a sign of paranormal conception caused by subliminal dental energy flows. Now that the bleeding has stopped, the child will grow.

It being so close to Christmas, I think we could say that stranger things have happened, supposedly.


from the Ice Age to the dole age
Hey! You!
...Would you like to know if President Dump and Damonia sleep in separate rooms, at Marr-a-lago?
Of course you would. Well it's simple!
Ask a dentist!

They're always very reliable sources of information. See this excerpt from "Autobiography":

"As I detail my preferences in terms of toppings to a fascinated dentist in this now familiar wine bar, I think of Mother, and how proud I made her.
For the price of a small Swiss chalet, I later buy a pizza van from a direct descendant of Julio Caesar (the Emperor), and I and Gelato have many bumps in the oven at night. On deserted, ancient cobbled roads, there is no police, and no "wrong way", and every way is my way anyway.
In Italy, I learn how to speak with my hands. The simple Italian folks reply by pointing at my Centurion card and smiling a lot: that's how I know they accept me. I'm part of the family, and every young man I meet is a new nephew in awe. Like the Pope in a prostitute, I feel at home in Rome.
Sorrow, like a four seasons landscape gardening gone cold, will surely come in the end, but I don't know that, because the calzone hasn't crumbled yet. For now, and for ever, Victory is Mine. Mamma Italia gushes over this big juicy Gucci baby, and la vito is belli."
What did he mean by that?


from the Ice Age to the dole age
Are you really joking this time
? No, I just didn't realise for a moment that Dee Wurst was :LOL: - the spoof passage was brilliant.
I love Autobio - just can't get past the harshness towards Alain, it was so unexpected.

"As the tour bus hums and clips its way through the Bakersfield night, I remembered how Alain would apply hair gel in preparation for bed. I had never come across such an over-developed sense of vanity - funny though it was.
'Why do people always say Rome wasn't built in a day?', Alain once asked me.
"It's just a silly expression because, in fact, Rome WAS actually built in just one day", I lied.
"Reeeaaallly?" Alain gasped, the child alive in his eyes."
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