Morrissey Glastonbury Festival 2004

george barker

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Morrissey didn't win BBC6 Music listeners favourite Glastonbury performance from the past 40 years, he came 16th.
They did broadcast a few tracks from the festival, last night.
Listen again, at approx 1hr 16mins -

You can find the rest of the concert on this blog, this is the Radio 1 repeat broadcast, Steve Lamacq show, I believe.
From the blog-
'While this isn't difficult to find, this is the best-sounding version of this show, and the only one I've heard with the complete recording of 'No One Can Hold a Candle to You'.


Thanks for that, I doubt Morrissey will be playing at Glastonbury anytime soon, he should have left The Headmaster Ritual to die along with This Charming Man
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