Morrissey gig in Chile planned for Dec. 15th - La Tercera

Rumour II

18th June. An intimate night with Morrissey at the World Famous Embassy Club in Harpurhay Manchester.

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

( it all makes sense cause Bernard Manning died on the 18th June )
Chile is not the World

Chile, your head's too big
Because, Chile,
Your belly's too big

It brought you the empanada
Well. Chile, you know where
You can shove your empanada

So no place is safe I guess ;)
^ Spot on.
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"Chile is not the world":grin:
that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo originaldoh: NOT

Rumor numero 2 :sleeping: O no,more comedy.

Wtf did they do with the money mommy gave them for the comedy lessons? What a disaster.
Maybe they are trying to do vaudeville.:barberpole:

Drama J is virtually unknown in Chile thats why you wont see him there> english speaking people
cant barely make out his gurggling, how will people in South America figure out his so called
'songs', like that sucky 'boooooog' track. You think hes singing in Chinese.
Besides people in South America dont see kindly upon
those who carry themselves with an arrogant bearing like Drama J does. Wearing hair flaps
in the broad afternoon. That type of behavior is frowned upon there.
There is interest in any of them be it Drama J, or James or the New Order, New Order played there ONCE and they have to make a big:drama: out of it. One miserable time. Youd think they played

the Coliseum from they way they brag about constantly. It was ten years ago and havent been invited
back since. The people were not impressed with their sucky disco music.

Meanwhile Moz regularly plays and sells out there and elsewhere in South America. All over there world.
Fookin' bull ox inn nn n n it. He just played Mexico. Reckon me don't know where this city "Chile" is in Mexico, but what's the next rumor..he will be playing Tijuana? Reckon you people are pathetic.

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