Morrissey Funko now available from Hot Topic

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I'd consider buying one of these to put on my office desk. I work in Shoreditch - the epicentre of millennial vegan coffee-shop former-Morrissey fans who now work in tech and read The Guardian - so this would be guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows.
Yes, it’ll make you seem interesting, and people may even desire to start up a conversation with you. Stranger things have happened.

Funko Pops terrify me, those cold dead eyes, they're going to devour my soul from the inside out!
They tried to fool folks into thinking Turkey murder is funny.
Then they tried trickin' The Wild Turkey Community into supportin'em by releasing a Moz doll.
Did ya really think this junk was gonna work?
No dice.
Right now, as things are with him, I don't feel like buying anything Morrissey.
They should have used an image from The Smiths era for the box.
Skinny ya div... In this form if u pay attention he does not have mouth to keep shut ... Perhaps practice what u preach u huge tiresome irrelevance x
rejected prototype of :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: funko

marketing dept research determined that DramaJ fans had 0 money.:clapping:
Do shut up, you dribbling spastic.
it was only a PROTOTYPE no need for so much :drama:, Missus.
eventually, had there been any demand, and the project moved
forward, tiny tats would have been drawn on the :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: funko.

the wig is pretty good, wouldnt you say?:fist:

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