morrissey frink thread!


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MorrisseyAdamScher18Sep1992,NYC .jpg

📷 Adam Scher, 18 September 1992, New York City, Paramount Theater


New Membrane
I’d buy that time machine

If it took me back to that show

Let’s say you have a time machine...

you could either make sure Hitler
becomes and stays an artist instead ...

or ....

attend any one of those great earlier Moz shows ...

What do you folks choose?

pretty obvious answer if you ask me.


A scanty bit of thing

Hot Mess Express
You are being kind of stingy with this poll because WHY would the rule be that you can only attend ONE former show.

i was having a conversation last week for the first time in sooooooooooo many years, with someone who used to know me when i was 18. He told me that I belong in a reform school for unruly girls :oops:

to which i replied “shows how much YOU know, because if i haven’t seen you or spoken to you for 3 million years, how would you even KNOW!” o_O

to which i got an EYEROLL as a reply, for my troubles

BUT!!! :lbf: My point is that as an unruly girl (who may or may not belong in a reform school, ahem!) i object to these constraints

and i therefore object to this poll where you are trying to retroactively concert-ration me :eek:

i do think that if i win any poll and the time machine, i go back to all the concerts, all the time, alllllllllll over again

from the beginning
on loop
forever! ❤️

A scanty bit of thing

Hot Mess Express
Ok, i agree. Sounds great. Take my soul, i don’t even care!

(i guess eternal youth also comes with the time machine, as part of the bargain? YES? GREAT!)

This is all such a good idea, Ket. Woe be unto anyone who might have ever thought that you were just another pretty face!

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
'Mon Coeur ne bat que pour Morrissey', 2003 {detail} ~ Linder.jpg

'Mon coeur est dans fibrillation atriale que pour Morrissey ' 💔

{With all apologies to Linder. And to French speakers everywhere...}



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One final Tench Street beauty that í, shamefully, overlooked. From the Geoff Slee Archive jumble sale last year.

This was my heart's desire from that sale, but at the time í didn't have a tinker's thruppn'y bit to bid with, and the Lot of half a dozen proof shots from a universally shunned Moz LP, plus this Teller promo, sold for £400+...

View attachment 70073

Unseen in any form, by me, until that auction. Perhaps never used {no EMI / HMV logo or credit on the print?} But quite wonderful, í think.

"Aw, how come, it's always just around the bend...?"


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Two Cupids, both pictures taken in Toronto.


📷 John Rowlands, 26 February 1976


📷 Lisa Mark, 26 April 2019
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