morrissey frink thread!


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Moz wearing a full face of makeup! A lot of people probably don't like it, but the look has grown on me.
have no clue where these are from, but I did do some tedious work to get them to match colors, because the second image I found was originally hideously over-saturated



Alicia Silverstone, Ingrid Newkirk, Chrissy Hynde, Morrissey at the PETA's 20th anniversary bash in Los Angeles. 09-13-00


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They are great shots and he looks really hot in them (in every sense, since he seems a little overdressed for the weather). But that brown suit is repulsive. It looks like it's been fashioned out of carpet tiles from the floor of a minicab company.
nooooo I love it! it looks very establishment chic! when I saw him in it I thought to myself "that is a man with money"

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