morrissey frink thread!


My secret's my enzyme.
This was taken the same time that other guy met Moz in Altrincham (sp??) on Sunday...

Okay not to be a perv, but his barrel chest is driving me bonkers. :horny: I want to slide my hands underneath his jacket and up his sides and around his chest so bad!!!!!! FECK.

Just the way he's standing. You're killing me Morrissey. KILLING ME. Stop looking so fucking cute.


My secret's my enzyme.

If Morrissey surgically or injectedly altered any of this gorgeous perfect face, I would be so sad. He is perfect.

joe frady

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Thanks to the glorious Nina ~

Shot by Paul Spencer. At last.

Another Paul Spencer. Alternate "Sunny" cover.


My secret's my enzyme.
I ripped this off An old picture by Pat Pope apparently that a poster there found. I've never seen it. But I definately am interested in Stereophonis Selections of the World's Finest Music emanating from his bulge. :horny: Dayuuum, package! *Squeeeeeeeeeee* (Nice jukebox. :cool:)


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