morrissey frink thread!

thats interesting with the wilde connection a beautiful young woman who was active on here some time ago called SvartaSjael had the same connection as how she find morrissey: over oscar wilde-so this way of discovering his mozness isnt as unusal as i would have thought q..there is a book on oscar wilde which show his grave with the morrissey writing (from the smiths/moz fans on it who went there)do you know which book this could be?

oh i didnt know rott was such a big hit in malta...
well i was never been there but what i see on pics and on tv it looks like a beautiful island..but when you grown up there you prob dont see it as that special then

I have seen a picture of said writing on the Wilde grave, but have never heard of the book you mentioned.
Neither did I, really, since I never even met a Maltese Morrissey fan.
Yes, when you grow up here you begin to take the beautiful aspects rather for granted.
Why, thank you.


This reminds me of something (while on my quest o' the day to explain all life's problems with Gary Larson cartoons:p). There's argument on the other thread about knowing who the real Morrissey is. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a leeeetle bit like this:

Thank you.
Well, I wouldn't really say that Malta is 'nice', but that is a rant for a different time. Despite the apparent contemporary fame he has here (due to Wiki saying that Tormentors topped first here), I have never personally met a Maltese fan.

Well, to be quite frank, my story doesn't go far back as I wish it did. A few years ago I fell in love with the life and work of Oscar Wilde; through cross-referencing Wilde info and Wikipedia-ing I discovered the Wilde-Morrissey relation and rather instantly fell in love. Not that exciting, really, but thanks for the interest. :)


Thanks so much for posting this, this set are my favourite photos of Morrissey, he always has lovely nails. He's ever such a clean lad

This is a runner-up of 'The Great Smash Hits/Minolta Photo Competition' (Smash Hits 9/1985). It's taken by Rose Mehan, Co. Donegal, maybe 1984 or early 1985. Sooo skinny- and so up upside down!
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