morrissey frink thread!


There are two of these wonderful pictures :eek:

I wanna be Jake.
I've always assumed this was Jake -is it?
I agree with Spyderfyngers. This is a NIIIIIICE one. Look at that left moob....*sigh* *nom-nom-nom-nom*

This photo kind of has it all for a certain type of frinker, I'd say. Look at the neck. He's really thick here too. And pink. And silvery. Ohhh.
:blushing: Don't even try to tell me that his skin doesn't feel like velvet, 'cause if you do, I won't believe you.

That was the first thing that struck me when he took his top off at the one and only show I've been to. He has really, really good skin. Like, alien-good. He's all gold and glowy and silky, not sweaty at all. And his fuzzy bits don't look like hairy man bits - they just glitter!
I'm just about to die from jealousy. Goodbye cruel world...
NEVER be jealous of anyone meeting Morrissey. Just remember that if he meets one of us he can meet another of us and that next person might be you. ...At least this is how I console myself every time I hear that someone else got to spend time with him. :)
Aww, I missed the party. :tears: But still...HAPPY 2 MILLION VIEWS, FRINKERS! Any strawberries, champers or slightly stale cake left over? :-D

When I try to tell people what Morrissey means to me and why it becomes so personal that I can't bring myself to say it. If I try to lighten it up a little and just say that he was there for me at a time in my life when I felt really alone, it starts to sound like it's not all that big of a deal... So I'm never quite sure how to relate it to people.

My two favorite bands have always been The Smiths and The Cure. I was telling someone the other day that when Robert Smith writes a song I feel like I'm hearing the intricacies of a dream, whereas when Morrissey writes a song I feel like I've just had cold reality slammed into my brain, but it's so poetically and artfully done that somehow I can take it. It opens up a part of my mind that wouldn't allow the painful reality in before he made it beautiful.

THIS (primarily, but also for other reasons) is why I adore him. He says what I feel and he says it so I can take it. He says it to the world and he makes me feel less alone, less odd, less ridiculous.

His voice is very pretty, but it's what I hear of his mind and heart in his voice that makes it like a drug to me. Without his essence behind that voice it would just be another pleasant voice.

He's attractive and I'd probably think so even if he wasn't him, but it's because of what is inside of him that he's so over-the-top gorgeous to my eyes. How could I possibly consider some random man's tummy scar sexy? Abdomen scars aren't inherently sexy. It's the tummy scar of the man whose art penetrated my heart and mind so completely that I was forever changed for the better. The scar of that man becomes a symbol of his pain and of our caring. His entire being is a symbol of who he is inside. Most of us who frequent the frink thread get that.

Happy 2 million, everybody! :thumb:

I agree with ALL of this. :)

:lbf: That's so funny and cute.

Very nice. :thumb:
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