morrissey frink thread!


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Why would Morrissey ever need to play solitaire??? That's a real game he's got going on!


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Oh wow. :horny: This one really struck a chord with me.
There's a nice gap between his shirt and his chest just begging me to slip my hand into it. And his jeans look so good. And he's closing his eyes, maybe thinking of someone he physically admires....




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Oh, and welcome armsaroundparis - you've made some very nice contributions for only currently having a total of 4 posts! You'll have to find a cool avatar pic!

Thanks for the warm welcome :)
I've been lurking here for a long time and love, love, love the frink thread :)
Unfortunately I have no Morrissey-photos of my own to contribute - only some beauties I've found around the Internet.
If I step on anyone's toes, please know it's not intention - I love peace and quiet :)




I wish I could meet him at the corner of a street....



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Yes. I met up with Johnny again on Tuesday. He signed my arm and drew the music for that part of HSIN on my arm. I got to spend a lot of time with him... About fifteen minutes alone with him, plus more later on after the show. We talked. He is an amazingly sweet person. When I told him this he smiled and said that I just keep catching him on good days. He's so humble.

It was one of the highlights of my life. Johnny is very important to me. I didn't bring it up on the frink thread because it's not about Johnny in here; it's about Moz. I'm still dying of squee though, so anyone who wants to ask me about it PLEASE DO. I'm half-way finished writing down what happened for my journal and I'll show it to anyone who's interested.

This is lovely!! What a day, would love to be a snoop and hear more about it :)


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Of course I'm going to dream on....because this is all just fantasy, not reality, and I'm quite well aware of that. You knew that, didn't you?

No. I walk a fine line between the two. :D



gazing at Moz lying on a car bonnet....:blushing:
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