morrissey frink thread!

so beautiful

this is a great picture
there was a lovely pic of moz sitting next to the gene singer-it looks like its in a pub,bar or restaurant
can anyone find the pic again? it was posted on the frink
thanks very much:thumb:
this is a great picture

Oh yeah, look at it. It is a great picture. Ignore the ghost, though. Look at his lovely face. I could do that all day. :o

I hope my Frinky friends who haven't already will post something in the 'Dedicate a Song to Morrissey' thread I started yesterday. :)

ooooooh BROWN SHIRT/Squishy face LURVE... :horny:

(And i deffo will, but when i get time if i get a day off at the weekend. :thumb:)
thnks so much for the quick reply
i cant open the nme link but the other link i could.thnks

from which year this might be?

This was in June 2000 during Gene's 5-night run at the Troubadour in West Hollywood; the nights were shot and edited together for the DVD "Rising for Sunset". I was there every night, and I remember talking to fellow Gene fans by the stage about Morrissey one of the nights. Lo and behold, Moz is ascending the stairs towards the VIP section (which is a separate room with a window looking out laterally to the stage). Unreal. It's like Candyman. Say his name 3 times and he appears! :eek:

The doorman liked me, so he gave me vip passes to the Loft (essentially the vip section) and I used them sometimes to visit with the band after the show. But that night, you had to have a special wristband or backstage laminate to go up while Moz was there. I recall a ton of flashes going off when his Mozjesty waved at the window, acknowledging Martin Rossiter. Moz exited by walking across the tiny stage out to the backstage loading area.

It was a magical 5 nights!

I don't care if it's unhip or what the Mozfans who scoff at Gene say, I'm a fan of Gene, too.
just a request for the great photos of morrissey in the backyard of austin, tx from 2007, with that lovely yellow shirt - those are frinky




thnks to the one from the high res thread^
aöll of them alread< in existance at comtesses archive but smaller there
Two of the frinkiest people on the planet. *sigh* This is a Polaroid from the Guardian shoot, posted on KY's MySpace.


(Haters be nice, please. I really love her work. If you like her, get her new album. It's fantastic...and it's dedicated to Morrissey).
This was make-up. No explanation was given.

Similiar to the fake cuts and bruises photographed by Rankin for the Southpaw Grammar photo booklet.
see on wonderful comtesses site under 'Southpaw Session'

my 2 cent:
Make up scars/ bruises better than actually self-harming. Probably showing 'being hurt but still standing'.

rather frinky, I'm afraid ...





and to celebrate my 1000th posting,


others were made with the Cantona shirt bloodied and bruised for the September 1995 issue of Q magazine

fake cut wounds in his face during the boxers tour too
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