morrissey frink thread!

...then I better not show you this one that I took just before:blushing:


Love it :lbf:
Here's a few from the birthday gig. I have lots more but I'm leaving soon to go to London. Will post more when I come back

A little bit of thigh

A little bit of neck

Off with the shirt

And just taking a bow

Fantastic photo's Scottishblood :thumb: you were obviously a lot nearer than I was up in the balcony :lbf:

I am really hoping that you have a picture of when he came out on the 22nd to the rapturous welcome. He looked so moved and I missed it with my camera :tears: also hoping that you have them all fallling over before the encore :)
Yeah I thought that too. Reckon his Mum looks after well when he's home. :)

Chest frink!

thankyou to sidesplitting on uchoob for the vid
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Is it me, or does the boy look slimmer? He wears 50 rather well.

Yes, my mum asked me if he had trained his torso muscles. :) How would I know? :crazy:

In the meantime, let's hope he's taking care of his vocal nodules issue. :(


Webster Hall
Photo: GED
I hope Matt's careful. I can't imagine it's very safe drumming with steak knives. :squiffy:

Ha- too funny.

Pashernate, your pics are loading almost lifesize for me and I likey! Only wishI had a bigger monitor. :)
erm, the pic inspires me to other wishes, but we could share ... you'll stack up on flossy ... I'll get the 'rest' of moz, since there is an actual shortage of Moz around my place. Perfect Deal. :)

I'm kidding. I seriously would never floss with his pubes. :p However I'm not opposed to a warm salt gargle...

I'M KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Not really.)
Okay I'm going to the laudromat now. Somebody's gotta clean this place up.
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