morrissey frink thread!


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Oh, so cuute :sweet: :)


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Isn't this a capture from the interview where he says to the questioner about being happy, "Should I be?"


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Just posting to bump this up to page 1 where it belongs.
I hate it when the Frink is languishing in the lower pages!

agreed, its all those 'thieves' making threads about YOR doing it.. :(


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Yes the frink thread should always be at the top not who thinks what on the new album or how or who had downloaded....


He should definately smile more

Miry will hate me for this...but the suits are just...:horny:

From my private collection...I WISH:p


Dont need you&never have
a few more...

I hope they wont notice I bought a movie!

ok this is not really "frink" but more "I want to hug him" we should make an extra thread just with such pics ;)

Cuff me to the books, darling...

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