morrissey frink thread!


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I'm so booooored



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these are all lovely ( apart from the jacket) which interview are they from on utube?thanks
you could print them off and have a flick booklet

From elektron pop interview
"without any..."
"trousers" :D
I haven't printed any morrissey photos yet :eek: Not real, not photoshopped.
At some point I will, I promise
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oh..i understand..well, ok..but if it's the same jeans he wore at the roundhouse gig..c'mon..listen to your heart..lottie..Lottie..LOTTIE... THERE SPEAKS A TRUE FRIEND ..:rolleyes::p

thanks..i also love my siggi..narcissistic ...narcissistic ..where does it come from..tzz..tzzz:D

ok I concede.....
you win, they were very nice esp with THAT shirt.. (such a shame it all ended so soon, i had a big chance of getting hold of that shirt that night, darn it)
i just dont want the tux's/suits to disappear, he can mix them up.

happy frinky new mozzy year to all my fellow 'perves'


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thanks for the vid dicartwright. A flick or flip book gives you picture aninmation at your fingertips. a lovely idea


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A happy new year to all of you and a bit of frink for the last hours of 2008 :D

words are very unnecessary here ;)

notice the shirt and the bit of tummy showing? ;)

And last but not least....I know its 'shopped (not by me, I am useless at such things) but girls, admit it - this would be a dream come true:horny::p



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Do you remember that women your age walked around with their bare tummy that summer?
I had a big laugh when I saw that he immitated them at his concerts. I loved it. Very funny.

Of course I remember and I am glad I never did it haha. I am not sure thought if they were my age haha. I gladly hide my snow white skin haha but I am glad he did it. :p
No one can say Moz is NOT funny. I am still cracking up about the "I thought the queen had a tattoo" part.:cool:


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Time for the first frink of the year :D

(no I am not addicted to this thread :p)

let me KISS you....

Follow me... (he always has to wear suits por favor :horny:)

let me kiss you again.....

Please dont leave..

not really frink but just wanting-to-huggish


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And last but not least....I know its 'shopped (not by me, I am useless at such things) but girls, admit it - this would be a dream come true:horny::p

My doctor is very good-looking himself, but I have to say I would choose Moz over him...if ever such a choice occurred :D

Actually, my doc is a GP, and Moz there is a hospital doctor...I can have both :p


Admit lurve it too:p:D:cool:

oh, of suits him..!!!!!
without a doubt,
but please not on stage..
however..purely a matter of taste
and i think we'll get both:D:rolleyes:
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