morrissey frink thread!


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Nice! :)



tonight i dream that somebody loves me...:rolleyes:

nighty night..


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If you ignore the guy next to him, this is a very attractive photo. I love the shiny shirt/jeans wearing Moz.

That guy looks like the owner of Numbers night club in Houston. I belive his name was Bruce...


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Where did you get these two from? This doesn't look like Moz, but rather the singer from These Charming Men. :confused:

Good eye. That doesn't look like his forehead at all.


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I felt sort of bad that of all the photos she gathered I picked the one showing his sole. Recently learning that in the Arab community this is an insult, I just read that it is because shoes are impure. Maybe it was a sign that her selection was impure. :p :)


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I hope you don't mind if I ask, because I rather ask than make assumptions.
On some of the pictures posted here, Morrissey looks to me like he did not feel too well when they were taken, annoyed, sad, whatever. Does it really turn you on if he looks like he does not feel well? Because it does nothing to me, apart from wonder what was the matter and why he looked that way, what it was that was bothering him.

Give us an example of a pic?
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