Morrissey Flower Thread

The Cat's Mother

Smiths/Moz song title puns featuring flowers and other ornamental plants and the nurture thereof.

Tony the Peony
Munich Airplant Disaster 1958
Billy Buddleia
The Slum 'Mums
Don't make Fern of Daddy's Voice (b-side: There Speaks a True Frond)
Pick a Lily Palare
The Lupin
Dahlia Cliche

That sort of thing. Have at it!


Angel of Distemper
Sweet William, it was Really Nothing

Now I am a Wisteria

I Can Have Both Annuals and Perennials

Hand in Foxglove

I am a Ghost

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I Don't Mind If You Forget-Me-Not
Marigolden Lights
Poppy Jack
Sweetpea Pie
Billy Bud
Hold On To Your Fronds
Honeysuckle, You Know Where To Find Me


Such a little thing makes a big duffodil
These things take tyme
Vicar in a tu-tulip
Bigbulb strikes amaryllis
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Angel of Distemper
Death of a Disco Dahlia

This Night Has Opened my Irises

Black Eyed Susan :rolleyes:

Fantastic Bird of Paradise

Friday Mourning Glory

There is a Place in Hellebore for Me and My Friends

The Lazy Sunflowers

Sweetie Pea

The Cat's Mother

Armeria is Not the World

Edit: Driving Your Galled Frond Home
In the Fuschia When All's Well
Fleur Apparent
Yarrow Will Come in the End
The Germination
He Knows I'd Love to Sedum

Weedway (b-side: All You Weed is Me)
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Camellia gates
Dogwood train
Stretch and wisteria
Gerbela afraid
I started something but I couldn't freesia


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Such a little weed makes such a big difference
He knows i'd love to seed him
Will never marrigold
Get off the lawn
This is not your comfrey
Leylandii is the best revenge
You were good in your Thyme
You just hav'nt fearned it yet, bayleaf
That's how poppies grow up
Sweetpea with a difference
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The Cat's Mother

I Don't Mow You Anything
Freesia Border, Freesia Border
Michael's Bonemeal
Get Off the Sage!
Cosmia Dancer
On the Streets I Ranunculus
To Me You are a Work of Artemis
Berberis Begins at Home
The Head Gardener Ritual

EDIT: Now My Heartsease is Full
The World is Full of Smashing Hawes
Have-a-Grow Merchant
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Angel of Distemper
Papa Jack in the Pulpit

I Don't Mind if you Forget-Me-Not

I Have Forgiven Corona de Jesus

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