Morrissey filmed with Tony Visconti in session for forthcoming MTV show?

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    May 25, 2009
    While searching Google News under Morrissey, I came across the following headline- but the link is broken:

    Sun shines for Morrissey and Visconti
    Irish Independent - ‎9 hours ago‎

    "Panic on the streets of London/ Panic on the streets of Birmingham," sang Morrissey on the Smiths classic 'Panic'. But while rioting swept the UK last week, I can reveal the Manchester singer was in a Dublin studio working with legendary David Bowie ...

    Has anyone read this article before it was removed- and what did it say? Thanks

    Also posted in the forum thread:

    by mcrickson:

    I figured the producer would be Visconti. Morrissey said that he wanted to work with him again, and Boz recently had that facebook picture with Visconti. It looks like that's who it's going to be.

    by Ben Chill:

    They were filming a session in Temple Bar (Sun Studios I think) for a new MTV show.
    Studio In Session will be shown later this year or early next.​

    By Walter Ego:

    It's a new show where an artist films a session with a favourite producer...​

    UPDATE, Aug. 21, 1:58 PM PT:

    Link posted by an anonymous person:

    Morrissey & Visconti & MTV - Banjaxer

    "Panic on the streets of London/ Panic on the streets of Birmingham," sang Morrissey on The Smiths classic 'Panic'.

    But while rioting swept the UK last week, I can reveal the Manchester singer was in a Dublin studio working with legendary David Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

    Sun Studios in Temple Bar was the setting for the session which was filmed for a new MTV series called Studio In Session.

    The programme will feature top names in recording sessions with their favourite producers.
    It was a shock for studio bosses at Sun to get the call to say Mozza was on the way.

    "All Morrissey asked for was a dressing room with a mirror and a chair. It was pretty cramped in the studio between his backing band and the MTV crew," said a studio source.

    However, Tony Visconti had difficulty locating Sun Studios, calling instead at the near-by Sound Recording Training Centre.

    A young sound engineer was given the task of guiding the producer responsible for David Bowie's seminal 1977 Low album to the right studio.

    But MTV could have saved a few bob by not hiring Visconti, responsible for Morrissey's 2006 Ringleader Of The Tormentors album, for the session.

    Because also working in Sun all last week was The Smiths producer Stephen Street with local outfit The Vagabonds. But it was Waterford band Propeller Palms, recording their debut album in the same facility, whose tunes impressed everybody, we hear.

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    1. johnnymunro
      There is no way whatsoever that Morrissey will be working with David Bowie.
    2. Satlook
      I thought something is missing in that story :D

      producer , yes

      David Bowie....producer
    3. Anonymous
      Sham. Shame on you.
    4. Anonymous
    5. Walter Ego
    6. Anonymous
      Repulsive whore.
    7. Anonymous
      Cool, finally a link to your blog, because I already wondered where it is. You could advertise it more, like this pseudo-Morrissey person does.

      Is this the sweaty filming that Boz mentioned during the days that they gave the Dublin concerts?
    8. Anonymous
    9. Anonymous
      Lowlife stalker of fame at any cost.End of.
    10. Anonymous
    11. Anonymous
      Come and join us over at to discuss this news item without the solow trolls. Morrisseysworld has announced it has now replaced as the number 1 unofficial news website on the internet.

      It's just like Morrissey solo, only better. Don't believe me? Just take a glance.

      While you're there read the essay here

      excerpt: "The joy of music is that it allows one to dream, which in turn allows one to find that grain of hope. Hope is not a moral; it is a life-force. A good song is as abstract as a dream or nightmare, tethered to reality by frayed threads, liable to snap at any given moment. The song drags one out of bed, it pushes one back into bed and it fills the short period in between. The song – to the true lover of music – is birth, death, and that other part we bravely call ‘life.’ Most people cannot live. They are immobilized: by the fear of rejection, by the self-loathing they endure, by a slim conviction that they are unable to love another; and more than anything else by a crippling sense of devaluation imposed by this world on all of us, unless we fit the idealized notion of what a human being should – these days, must - be. These poor souls shuffle, mumble and crumble through the years like shadows. I knew very, very early on that I was one of those souls.

      Well, what could I do? I could spend my life with the shadows, pretending to live: a man with a life-sentence to serve, which never quite materializes. Or I could transform myself into a symbol and give up entirely on real life, as they call it. The song becomes the living; the singing becomes the life; the haircut becomes the material body – fading over the years but never quite leaving. And I began just then to write about life the way it really is. I began to write songs for those who cannot live – which is almost everybody. At least in England it is. While the rest of the world at least attempts to live life, we English apologise and queue politely. This – girls and boys – is why we’re so good at the old art thing. Art is nothing but a survival instinct for the English. "

      Note to Uncle Skinny: I do wish it was my site. Anyway enjoy so-low if you're staying here. I doubt I'll be back very often.
    12. celibate
      just 1 thing, you are the loW, and the anonymous coward, and trying with others to ruin this site, so please close the door after yer gone, enough off-topic posted from there, so put an extra lock and throw the key over the railing at the Niagara Waterfall


      [ps it's Mr Uncle Skinny for scum like you]
    13. IRA Leftu
      IRA Leftu
      Number 1 Morrissey news site???
      You are certainly joking, or so delirious it isn't even funny!!!

    14. The Seeker of Good Songs
    15. celibate
      no sadly Leiber died yesterday [producers duo Leiber and Stoller, they were an inspiration for Johnny Marr,... as written a lot, in the begining of The Smiths... working relation withj Morrissey, also the songs they produced [early Elvis ] were an inspiration for M&M
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    16. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      Someone who Morrissey worked with died not all that long ago...I thought it was Visconti...some other producer?
    17. Anonymous
      Yes, Seeker, the producer of Years Of Refusal, who was not Visconti but Finn. Forgot his first name. Google... Jerry Finn.
    18. Anonymous
      i'm still so sad jerry finn (producer of "years of refusal") died so young. i thought his approach brought a ton of life to Moz's sound. especially with the currently more aggressive rhythm section. finn also did great work with smoking popes.
    19. whitewatersky
      WATCH IT HERE (and download if you can !?!?!)

      Originally Posted by Anonymous

      Thank you for posting these links, unfortunately they do not work here in the U.S..

      Can anyone else have a go with it, maybe download and post?

      whitewatersky - Today, 03:40 AM
      that Rogers on Demand link gets you to a page, but since I ain't in Canada I can't watch

      IF YOU CAN... please capture the stream someone...

      On a MAC, goto

      Window > Activity > find the biggest file that's download in the right hand colmn, hold down your ALT (or Option) button and double click the file.

      It should d/load into your computer

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