Morrissey featured as one of the best singers OF ALL TIME! by Word Magazine


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I was surfing an all-topics Chilean forum and in the International Music section I ran into this news! I don't know how good or prestigious is this mag but anyway I felt happy... It really made my day!!!!! :p

I googled it and I found it... ENJOY!!! Beautiful last words about OUR MAN!!

They have the pages scanned :D

Viva Morrissey!


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Ha ha :D The first thing I saw were the names Phil Collins and Dido and immediately thought how embarrassing for Moz to be in a best singers list like that.

Then I realised that was the WORST singers list. :p


Steven Patrick I Love You
Yes!!! "Stage monster" "He's absolutely unique and absolutely indispensable..." I couldn't have said it better :) Beautiful concepts!!!

Besides the heading: 20 vocalists to melt the soul... yes definitively he melted my soul the day I he came into my life... :sighs:


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Thanks for the link. It’s nice to see his voice getting some recognition.

lux girl

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Erm...sorry to butt in, but personally I think Jeff Buckley is over rated. Know it's wrong to speak ill of the dead and all that but....Alleluia (sp. sorry)...God I hate it!


Steven Patrick I Love You
Mmmm... Well dear luxie, I wish the list had been done here but it was done by that UK magazine...

How ever it amazes me that a normal Chilean citizen posted the info in a regular forum board that shows everything from TV to Music, radio, soap operas, nostalgia and whatever miscellaneous topics... I found this in the International Music forum... And I was like: Huh??? Hasn't this been posted yet in M-Solo?? So, I checked the date out and here it is...


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