Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig - The Daily Mirror

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By mopeonarope on Jul 13, 2011 at 3:32 PM
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    1. Anonymous
      Moz gigs are becoming more and more like a fascist state with each passing day.

      I wonder what will happen next.
    2. Anonymous
      Good to read that they searched in the bags and not the pants. ;P
    3. 9 x Fined
      9 x Fined
      All they'd find on me is a giant Italian sausage
    4. Anonymous
      They were really searching to see if David T was hiding out in a handbag.
    5. Anonymous
      They were searching for meat pies for Boz, he was getting hungry.
    6. Anonymous
      Have you ever met a vegi who didnt think they somehow had a heightened insight than you and, put simply, you're wrong and a heathen i'm right. No-one has any freedom in this country any more, Moz wants to listen to his earlier lyrics where he is struggling to be himself against others inference. Just another vegi, self obsessed on the convert.
    7. Canny
      He is winding his fans up so much, they will soon be pelting him with pork chops.
    8. Juan Salló
      Juan Salló
      This is a total NON sense, pathetic even...To check the bag of each fan who attends a show to see if it carries a sausage ??!! Because meat is not allowed !! This looks like the Muslims with pork, the Adventists with Sea food, the israelis with Kosher, now Morrissey with a sausage...Damned, the times of SS and Gestapo are lurring in...
    9. Mike Apathy
      Mike Apathy
      I do believe that Moz has every right to control what concessions are sold and purchased at his gigs. Truly though, the type of person that would try to smuggle meat into a show, in my opinion, is nothing more than a troll. Plain and simple. In the meantime, click the link below. I've written this article, it's called "The Morrissey Paradox." Hope you guys enjoy it.

      -Mike Apathy
    10. Anonymous
      It's just an NME non story. Security has been tight, but they have been checking for cameras and people taking drinks in. No bottles allowed. For goodness sake, who goes to a concert with a round of ham sandwiches or a pork pie!
    11. Anonymous
      Unbelievable. When will the people on this forum wake up and think for themselves? Half of you appear to be hypnotised. Look, people take food to gigs. This is not about taking food - otherwise he would be frisking for vegetables as well as meat. This is about banning his fans from consuming meat. It's just about the most illiberal thing I've heard in recent years. Remember Morrissey's self-pitying complaints about being searched as he entered the USA for bombs etc? And his rant about 'smelly uniforms' in HCAPKHIF? And here we are - 7 years on - and he's frisking people for BLT sandwiches! I mean, who does he think he is?

      He throws his own fans out of concerts, and at the same time orders people to be searched by thugs for fragments of meat in sandwiches and samosas. It's absurd!

      Morrissey, grow up.
    12. Anonymous
      I once had oat and chocolate spread in my bag, because I went shopping and then decided to go to the venue and see if I can get a ticket at the doors. The security's reaction was great, he decided to ignore the oat, the chocolate spread AND my camera and behaved as if he had not seen anything. :)
    13. Anonymous
      Lucky i got in with an ounce of charlie stuck up my bum
    14. Walter Ego
      Walter Ego
      Security guard made a joke and the NME/Mirror chose to make a stupid story out of it. The fall-out from the current media problems in UK have left some organisations searching for stories.
      Their usual methods are off limits for now so nonsense things like this are getting published.
      And some idiots believe it.
    15. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      he's a laddo,that charlie
    16. Anonymous
    17. billybu69
      Come on boys n girls get real, security don't check for meat. A quiet day in the office and some clown comes up with this, and how many of you have jumped up and down declaring fascist state, don't believe all you read in fact don't believe anything you read until proved by experiencing it yourself, or the evidence is so strong it must be so.

      So once again, no one checks you for meat products before you enter a Morrissey gig, it's a lie, surprising has that may seem, by our great British press.
    18. Anonymous

      Agree. and the Mirror article also says that Middlesborough was the last UK concert, the journo has obviously checked their facts!

      I am disappointed about the DavidT fiasco, but honestly think this meat story is a loads of bollocks. Security has been tight, bags searched and 'pat down' but looking for meat!!! We're going to a concert not a flipping picnic.
    19. Anonymous
      Either a lie or a Security Guard with sense of humour. Typical NME/Mail that they have such a warped view that they are willing to believe and print this nonsense.

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