Morrissey fans in Lisbon


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Hi All

It never crossed my mind to post in this sub-forum before...

I'm a big Morrissey fan living in Lisbon at the moment. From North Wales originally and spent a lot of time living in Manchester - where it is impossible not to encounter Morrissey fans frequently (particularly if you go to the star and garter on the first friday of each month).

Been living and working in Lisbon for two years now and it's a great city. But met very few people of the Morrissey persuasion.

I can't be the only one here, can I? Há mais adeptos de Morrissey aqui em Lisboa? E se nos encontrássemos...?


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I'm from North Wales, Flintshire! Welcome to the site mate! Hope to chat with you soon! :)
My Nephew and Niece live in Flint and my Dad lives in the Quay just down the road from Wepre park.
Not very interesting I know,but there you go.
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